Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy | Make-Up Work Policy

Notify the school of your child’s absence by either emailing, calling the Attendance Office, or sending a fax.


  • If your child has been absent for any reason, you must notify the school as soon as practical, but no later than two (2) school days after he or she returns to school.  The notification must be done in writing, and is subject to monitoring and verification.
  • Students returning from excused absences have one week from the last day of the absence to complete assignments missed during their absence, unless special arrangements have been made with the appropriate dean.
  • Teachers will, within reason, assist students when the absence is excused.  Students are responsible for work missed even if the absence is unexcused. However, according to APS policy, credit for make-up work is only given when the absence is excused.
  • Pre-arranged, extended absences must be approved by the Principal at least 10 days prior to the absence. No more than 10 days will be approved. The student must be in good academic standing,

Tardy Policy

  • Three unexcused tardies (UC’s) during one quarter will result in an after school detention assigned by the teacher.  Parents will be notified.
  • Each additional tardy will result in another after school detention.
  • Five unexcused tardies will result in a referral to the student’s administrator and may result in Saturday School.
  • Seniors: After 4th tardy to 1st or 2nd period or 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th period, after lunch, parking privileges will be lost and lunch detention assigned. For excessive tardies, those privileges may be revoked for the rest of the year.

Late to School

Students arriving to school after 8:19 AM must sign-in at the attendance office in order to be marked present for the day.

Leaving School Early

A student must have a parental/guardian note to leave school grounds before 3:01 PM.  The note should be presented to the attendance office where the student will sign out. In order to ensure student safety, the Attendance Office may call a parent/guardian to verify that the student is approved to sign out. If the Attendance Office cannot reach a parent or guardian, the Attendance Office will seek approval from an administrator for the student to sign out.A student who leaves school without signing out will have an unexcused absence. There will be no exceptions to this procedure.

According to APS policy, the following are considered excused absences:

  • Illness or quarantine of student
  • Doctor or dentist appointment
  • Death in the family
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Summons to a court of law
  • Violent storms or state emergencies
  • Suspensions
  • Severe family emergencies

Advanced approval from an administrator is required in order for any other absence to be treated as excused.  A note explaining the absence, signed by a parent or guardian, must be presented to the administrator.  After the absence is approved by the administrator, the note must then be taken to all the student’s teachers for their notification.  The note must then be taken to the Attendance Office.  College visits are excused when a College Visitation Verification Form is submitted to the administrator prior to the visit.  This form is available in the Counseling Office.  Upon return, the form is to be submitted to the attendance office.

Unverified Absences

  • Three unverified absences in any class will result in referral to the student’s administrator, parent notification and assigning of Saturday School or alternate consequence.
  • If a student has three full days of unverified absences parents will be notified directly by the attendance office.  Student will be referred to the Attendance Specialist and their administrator for further disciplinary action.
  • “If students are absent without indication of parents’ awareness and support for five days, the Code of Virginia requires school staff, parents and students to jointly develop a plan to resolve the student’s nonattendance.” (from the APS School Board Policies)

Attendance Incentives

  • Teachers of AP/IB courses and teachers of seniors have the discretion to revoke a final exam exemption from a student who has in excess of 10 total absences for that course.
  • Students must attend school for at least one-half of the day in order to participate in VHSL competitions.

School Attendance Specialist

The School Attendance Specialist monitors student attendance, coordinating with community agencies and the juvenile court when students have three or more days of unexcused absences.

Excessive Absences

Fifteen consecutive excused or unexcused absences will result in the student being withdrawn from school.  After 10 total absences, a doctor’s note may be required for any additional absences to be excused.

Emergency Closings

Inclement weather and other school closings will be sent out via APS SchoolTalk and the school website. Closings may also be broadcast on TV and radio. The emergency closing hotline is 866-228-4277 for information via phone.

Absence Notifications

The automated telephone absence notification system will call the home of any W-L student who is absent without an approved excuse from one or more classes.

Make-Up Work Policy

Students returning from an excused absence have two responsibilities:

1.    Previously assigned work:

a.    Students must turn in any previously assigned written work (homework, papers, projects, etc.) by the end of the first school day of their return.
b.    Written work may be submitted directly to the teacher, digitally to the teacher, or to a secretary in the main office.*
c.    Students must be prepared to complete any quizzes, tests, or presentations at the start of the next class they attend.  Teachers may choose, in conjunction with the student, to schedule the make-up work for a time outside of class.

2.    Any work missed during the absence:

a.    Unless special arrangements have been made, students have one week from the last day of the absence to submit make up work.
b.    Teachers will, within reason, assist students when the absence is excused.
c.    Students are responsible for the work missed even if the absence is unexcused.

If a pattern of absences appears on days when larger assignments are due, the student may be subject to administrative action.