W-L IB Diploma Programme – Course Offerings

IB courses are two years in duration unless otherwise noted.

The following IB courses are offered at Washington-Liberty High School:

Group 1: Language A (all two years)

  • English Literature HL
  • English Language & Literature SL
  • Spanish Language & Literature HL

Group 2: Language B (all two years)

  • Arabic AB initio SL
  • Chinese B SL & AB initio SL
  • French B HL, SL (& AB initio)
  • Latin B HL, SL
  • Spanish B HL , SL (& AB initio)

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

  • Business & Management SL (one year)
  • Economics SL (one year)
  • Geography SL (one year)
  • History of Americas and Topics HL
  • Philosophy SL (one year)
  • Psychology HL
  • Psychology SL (one year)
  • Social Anthropology HL
  • Social Anthropology SL (one year)

Group 4: Experimental Sciences

  • Biology HL
  • Biology SL (one year)
  • Chemistry HL
  • Computer Science HL
  • Design Technology SL
  • Environmental Systems SL (one year; block course)
  • Physics SL
  • Sports, Exercise & Health Science SL

Group 5: Mathematics

  • Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches HL
  • Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches SL
  • Math: Applications & Interpretation SL (one year)

Group 6: Arts

  • Film Study HL
  • Film Study SL
  • Music SL (one year)
  • Theater Arts HL
  • Theater Arts SL (one year)
  • Visual Arts HL
  • Visual Arts SL (one year)

To learn more about each of these classes, please click on this link.  Then click on “DP Subject Briefs” and choose the course and level.


Requirements and considerations when developing a two year IB plan:

There are two options to obtain an IB Diploma:

  1. Select 3 HL classes and 3 SL classes; or
  2. Select 4 HL classes and 2 SL classes

Other considerations:

  • Students must select one subject from each subject group (1-5)
  • Group 6 (Arts) is optional.  If you skip group 6, you must double up on another group.
  • Economics and Personal Finance is a Virginia diploma requirement.  IB Economics satisfies this requirement while also counting as a Group 3 IB course.
  • US History is a Virginia diploma requirement. There are three options for this requirement:  IB HOA, AP US History, or US/VA History.
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is part of the IB core.  It is required and taken senior year.
  • One-year courses are limited. No more than 2 are allowed.

CREATING THE TWO-YEAR WL IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME PLAN   Explore scheduling options with our Schedule Building Tool.

  • Please use this link to access our schedule building tool.
  • After clicking the link, you will be prompted to make a copy.  Once you make a copy, then you will be able to use the tool.
  • Then play around with options to create a schedule that addresses your interests