Clubs and Societies


  • W-L clubs and activities are open for all students to join and function to serve the Washington-Liberty community by connecting students to the school, sponsor, and other students.
  • All activities and clubs purpose should align and support W-L’s our mission and vision.
  • To begin a new club, an interested student and sponsor is all that is needed to submit an application to the Activities Office for approval.
  • Interest Clubs can be formed for activities not allowed on or off school grounds. An interest club provides an avenue for students with like interests to meet and discuss this activity. During these meetings, students are welcome to make plans with other members to participate in these activities outside of school or club time.  Fishing, kayaking, ice hockey, etc… Students and parents should be aware that these activities are not supported by W-L or APS.
  • Regular club meetings and activities during Generals Period are discouraged
  • Club sponsors must be in attendance for all club meeting and activities
  • Posters and flyers need Administrator approval prior to posting.  Please do not place tape on painted surfaces. Out-of-date flyers should be removed from the school walls by club members
  • For additional information, please stop by or contact the Student Activities Office.

Get Involved!
For more information about the clubs offered at W-L, see the club list in the menu to the left