Student Council Association (SCA)

Congratulations to our SCA and Class Government elected members for the 2020-2021 school year!

SCA Offices

SCA President Shea Messman
Communications Coordinator Najla Ali
Historian Talia Roman
Student Ambassador Nayeh Zouhon
1st VP (Class of 2022) Elissa Hall
2nd VP (Class of 2023) Layla Ahmed
3rd VP (Class of 2024) *Coming Soon

Class of 2021 Offices

President Ben Jacobs
Vice President Jeremiah Lewis
Secretary Grace Franklin
Treasurer Jason Hopper

Anna Erskine

Emma Huther

Megan Peck

Class of 2022 Offices

President Rosie Couture
Vice President Anika Tripathi
Secretary Gaston Finger
Treasurer Cooper Donovan

Audrey Hartel

Molly Wernicke

Emilia Zapata

Class of 2023 Offices

President Ava Lansbury
Vice President Ellie Potts
Secretary Sarah Bolles
Treasurer Madison Goeke

Sassan Fiske

Lily Kuzdzal

Jillian McLeod

Class of 2024 Offices *COMING SOON*

Vice President

Here are just a few events the SCA is planning for the upcoming school year:

  • Back to School Spirit Week (September 8-11)
  • Freshman Elections (October)
  • Homecoming Spirit Week featuring virtual activities(October 19-23)
  • Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and Assembly (November)

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