Make-Up Work Policy

Students returning from an excused absence have two responsibilities:

1.    Previously assigned work:

a.    Students must turn in any previously assigned written work (homework, papers, projects, etc.) by the end of the first school day of their return.
b.    Written work may be submitted directly to the teacher, digitally to the teacher, or to a secretary in the main office.*
c.    Students must be prepared to complete any quizzes, tests, or presentations at the start of the next class they attend.  Teachers may choose, in conjunction with the student, to schedule the make-up work for a time outside of class.

2.    Any work missed during the absence:

a.    Unless special arrangements have been made, students have one week from the last day of the absence to submit make up work.
b.    Teachers will, within reason, assist students when the absence is excused.
c.    Students are responsible for the work missed even if the absence is unexcused.

If a pattern of absences appears on days when larger assignments are due or when assessments are given, the student may be subject to administrative action.