School Directory

1301 North Stafford Street
Arlington, Virginia 22201
Main office number: 703-228-6200
Activities information:
The main office phone number is answered from 7:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
To contact the Attendance Office should your child be absent from school:
Call 703-228-2727 or Fax 703-524-9814
or Email:
When the phone rings back to the office or no one answers, the secretary will ask the caller if he/she would like to leave a message.  The caller will be asked if he/she would like to leave a teacher voicemail or a paper message in the teacher’s mailbox.  In many cases, the secretary will put a note in a teacher’s box to check their voicemail.
Activities Office 703-228-6207 Assistant Principals 703-228-6210
Attendance Office 703-228-2727 Business Dept. 703-228-6200
Cafeteria Manager 703-228-6212 Career Center 703-228-6228
Clinic 703-228-6223/6224 Counseling Office 703-228-6250
Director of Student Activities 703-228-6207 Distance Education Dept. 703-228-2008
English Dept. 703-228-6200 Family and Consumer Sciences Dept. 703-228-6200
Health/P.E. Dept. 703-228-6229/6230 HILT Dept. 703-228-6239
Instructional Technology Coordinator 703-228-8645 International Baccalaureate Program 703-228-6233
Library Media Center 703-228-6242 Math Dept. 703-228-6200
Performing & Visual Arts Depts. 703-228-6200 Principal, Washington-Lee 703-228-6202
Registrar 703-228-6249 School Board 703-228-6015
School Resource Officer 703-228-6206 Science Dept. 703-228-6200
Social Studies Dept. 703-228-6200 Special Education Office 703-228-6236
Tech Ed. Dept. 703-228-6200 Transition Office 703-228-6261
Transportation 703-228-6640 Treasurer 703-228-6203
World Languages Dept. 703-228-6200