School Profile

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The Community

Arlington, Virginia is an urban/suburban, largely residential community located just west of Washington, D.C. It is a county which prides itself on the excellence of its schools. Arlington public schools receive strong support from parents, citizens and the county government. In addition, there is close cooperation between the school system and community businesses and services.

The School

Washington-Lee is a public high school, grades 9-12. The school opened in September of 1924, and graduated its first class in 1925. Our highly diverse student population offers a broad world perspective and fosters an enriched learning environment. Washington-Lee is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

The Students

Student Population

Racial and Ethnic Diversity
(Based on Federal Reporting Categories)

 Seniors  506
 Juniors  665
 Sophomores  587
 Freshmen  509
 Total students  2267
 American Indian/Alaska Native  0.1%
 Asian  10.8%
 Black/African American  8.6%
 Hispanic  34.3%
 Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander  0.1%
 White  40.7%
 Multiple races  5.5%

32.88% Economically Disadvantaged

School Administration

  • Dr. Gregg Robertson, Principal
  • Mr. Miles Carey, Asst. Principal
  • MsKimberly Jackson – Davis, Asst. Principal
  • Ms. Lisa Moore, Asst. Principal
  • Ms. Marleny Perdomo, Asst. Principal
  • Ms. Claire Peters, Asst. Principal
  • Ms. Jessica Gregory, Co-Director of Counseling Services
  • Dr. Kristin Devaney, Co-Director of Counseling Services
  • Ms. Carol Callaway, Director of Student Activities
  • Ms. Julie Cantor, IB Coordinator
  • Mr. Justin Bolfek, Asst. Director of Student Activities


There are over 600 computers at Washington-Lee connected to the local area network which provides access to the student information system for teachers, educational software, and the Internet. Additionally all classrooms have mounted LCD projectors and SMARTBoards. In addition to the three general labs, there are computer labs in the library, publications room, business education, and technical education. Additionally, there are two general mobile laptop labs, several mobile iPad labs, and mobile Chromebook labs. W-L has a student-operated broadcasting studio which is used to produce the morning announcements to all classrooms on our closed circuit television channel. The announcements run continuously during the day on monitors in the cafeteria, hallway and main office.

A technologically advanced distance-learning classroom in the school allows classes to be offered live at the school and broadcast on cable TV to students in other schools and to individuals watching from their homes.

Lastly, Washington-Lee is part of the county’s 1:1 initiative, providing MacBook Airs for students in 9th and 10th grade this school year.

Special Programs

Washington-Lee High School provides many unique learning opportunities for the varied needs of its students. Among them are the International Baccalaureate Programme, gifted services programs, Independent Study, Special Education, and High Intensity Language Training. The Arlington Career Center provides CTE and vocational education and training in many career fields and upper level technology and medical related courses. Many of these courses lead to certification in specialty areas.

Advanced Course Offerings

IB Course Offerings

•Biology HL
•Business and Management SL
•Chemistry HL
•Computer Science HL
•Design Technology SL
•Economics SL
•English Literature A HL
•Environmental Systems and Societies SL
• Film Study SL
• French B HL/SL
•Geography SL
•History of the Americas HL
•Latin HL/SL
•Math Studies SL
•Mathematics HL/SL
•Philosophy SL
•Physics SL
•Psychology HL/SL
•Social Anthropology HL/SL
•Spanish Language and Literature A HL
•Spanish B HL/SL
•Sports, Exercise and Health Science SL
•Theater Arts HL/SL
•Visual Arts HL/SL

AP Course Offerings

•Art History
•Studio Art: Drawing
•Studio Art: 2 D
•Studio Art: 3D
•AB Calculus
•BC Calculus
•Computer Science A
•English Language
•English Literature
•European History
•US Government
•Physics (Electricity and Magnetism)
•Physics (Mechanics)
•Spanish Language
•Spanish Literature
•US History
•World History

Dual Enrollment Offerings

• Advanced Topics in Information Technology
•Digital Photography III
•Geospatial Systems
•Linear Algebra (Math 285)
• Math 151/152
•Teachers for Tomorrow
•Vector Calculus (Math 277)

Diploma Requirements

Standard Diploma – 22 credits

English 4
World History 1
VA-US History 1
VA-US Government 1
Health and Physical Education 2
Mathematics (must include Alg I and above) 3
Lab Science 3
Fine/Practical Arts 1
Electives 6

Advanced Studies Diploma – 24/25 credits

English 4
World History 1
VA-US History 1
VA-US Government 1
Additional Social Studies 1
Health and Physical Education 2
(must include Alg I and 3 levels above)
Lab Science 4
Foreign Language
(3 years of one or 2 years each of two)
Fine/Practical Arts 1
Electives 2

Counseling Services and Career Personnel

  • Ms. Ana Lily Caballero, Counselor
  • Ms. Elysse Catino, Counselor
  • Mr. Frank DeRocco, Counselor
  • Ms. Kristin Devaney Shapiro, Counselor
  • Mr. Jordan Glick, Counselor/AP Coordinator
  • Ms. Laura Hale, Counselor
  • Ms. Zarin Kapadia, Counselor
  • Ms. Heather Mizell, Counselor
  • Ms. Lourdes Rubio, HILT Counselor
  • Ms. Meaghan Traverse, Counselor
  • Ms. Claudia Vasquez, Counselor
  • Mr. Eric Hill, Career Education Specialist
  • Mr. James Sample, Minority Achievement Counselor
  • Ms. Elizabeth Burgos, Gifted Services Coordinator