Liberty (2)CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service- it is a program of community engagement and service of the IB Diploma Candidate requirements

Why CAS?

CAS is considered the heart of the IB Diploma Program.  Many components of CAS make the program complete, enriching, and enjoyable for the students. They include the following:

  • Counterbalance to academic self-absorption
  • Sharing energies and talents
  • Development of awareness, concern for and ability to work with others
  • Promotion of more informed and understanding attitudes
  • Service to the community as a complement to intellectual development in the academic curriculum
  • Establishment of links with local, national and international communities
  • Challenge to student
  • Development of a spirit of discovery and self-reliance
  • Encouragement of a sense of responsibility to all
  • Encouragement of new skills and interests
  • Promotion of international understanding
  • Development of attitudes and values which transcend race, religion, gender and politics
  • Education beyond the classroom and examination hall
  • Education of the whole person

IB CAS Coordinator

Elizabeth Burgos
CAS Coordinator and Advanced Academic Coach

CAS Handbooks

Click on the links below to download a copy of the CAS Handbooks for W-L IB DP Class of 2025 and 2026

thumbnail of _W-L IB CAS Handbook 2026

WL IB CAS Handbook 2026

thumbnail of W-L IB CAS Handbook 2025

WL IB CAS Handbook 2025


March 2024 – Welcome Session for 10th graders and families – Slides below thumbnail of Welcome to WL IB DP 10th graders and families March 2024

CAS online portfolio – Managebac

Here is the student login link to the W-L Managebac site.  This is an electronic portfolio for CAS Documentation.

Videos providing more insight into CAS

IB CAS Virtual Demonstration Video DP Class of 2021


2016 CAS Celebration Video