IB Film Students Partner with Local University Students to Create Film

IB Film students recently took part in an incredible opportunity to work on a professional film production managed by George Mason University (G.M.U.) and American University Film school students, under the Direction of GMU Senior, Logan Brown.

Brown’s senior thesis film is a wonderful film-short she wrote related to real-life bullying experiences faced by a brave young woman from her hometown in Georgia, all because she founded the Genders & Sexualities Alliance (G.S.A.) Club to support Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (L.G.B.T.) youth at her school as well as in her surrounding community. Beyond the depiction of the heart-wrenching story of what Hailey recently experienced, Logan and her film crew—including a Professional Acting Coach, Cinematographer, Lighting Crew, and Actor Justin Brown* (Logan’s younger brother who attends the same High School as Hailey and has experienced much of the same intolerance from others) created a wonderful motion picture.

Other W-L students, including some of our own GSA student members also came to offer their talents or to learn how a real film is made. Whether casted as extras, assistant grips or gaffers, students presented themselves as a professional crew to support the Director in achieving her creative vision for the film. Most notable is W-L Junior, Maya Elby, who was the Director’s production assistant and is currently taking the position of Lead Editor in post-production of the film.

The desire is to host a Film Preview Night in the late spring at W-L Little Theater to show our support not only for our students who worked on the project, but for all students who are represented in the film’s story. Bullying of any sort should never be tolerated or ignored. Through Director Brown’s creative film perspective, with the assistance from our students, we fully support this message and hope the film inspires many more to do the same.