Twenty-five Students Take Their Skills to Richmond, VA for Model General Assembly Event

W-L’s 25 students in Model General Assembly traveled to the Commonwealth’s capital to put their skills to work. Emery Parker (10th grade, worked as a lobbyist) and Carsten Schoer (11th grade, worked as House Delegate) both performed so well that they were invited by YMCA Virginia to join our state’s 20-member delegation to the Conference of National Affairs.

There were 540 kids from all over the state at this conference and these two students’ work had to be excellent to earn the kind of recognition they received. Several students also received state-level recognition:

  • Julia Van Lare and Daniel Nadel (both 10th grade) received awards for their efforts as lobbyists
  • Logan Rowland (10th grade) received an award for her work as a reporter
  • Sophie Ahmed (12th grade) was assigned by YMCA Virginia to be a Committee Chair (for Local Government)

Lastly, W-L’s reporting crew (Caroline Gage, Logan Rowland, Peyton Fern, Ryah Aziz, Ainsley McCabe, and Lucas Codispoti) still have their posts at YMCA MGA blogspot. Students broken down by role:

Bill Patrons:  Sophia Ahmed (chair and Senator), Carsten Schoer, Abby Presson, Clemens Finger, Talley Schroeder, Valeria Altamirano-Lopez, Tsomo Naranbayar, Jake Dertke, Anika Bahl, Julius Bakke, Kaiya Mitchell

Lobbyists: Mia Tanner, Klara Schaaf, Piper Powell, Payton Broadwell, Daniel Nadel, Catherine Ledesma-Aquino, Julia Van Lare, Emery Parker

Reporters: Caroline Gage, Logan Rowland, Peyton Fern, Ryah Aziz, Ainsley McCabe, and Lucas Codispoti