22 Students Selected as Winners at Regional Science Fair

The annual Regional Science Fair was composed of students from: Washington-Lee, Yorktown, Wakefield, H-B Woodlawn, Arlington Tech, TC Williams, George Mason and a few local private schools with W-L students making up over twenty winners.

Grand Prize (Nominated for the International Science and Engineering Fair – only 2 projects from the entire fair can be nominated for this award):

Caroline Cunningham – Investigating Cancer Mutations: Improving the Analysis of Cancer Data with Software

James Licato – Optimizing Metformin Removal: Utilizing Molecular Sieves and Absorbants Within Sand Filtration Units

First Place and nominated for the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair (Half of the projects nominated were from W-L):

Caroline Cunningham, James Licato, Raynie Baker-Rosenberg, Jessica Byers, Morgan Atkinson, Spencer Lewis and Jacob Foster, Hamna Shafiq, Noah Portner 

First Place: Ansah Akhtar, Elyse Harmann, Riley Johnson 

Second Place: Alissa Rivero and Sophia Finkelstein, Anika Tripathi, Lucy Robinson, Caden Henrich, Meghan Long, Jason Hsu

Third Place: Dilin Williams, Devin Nemirow, Zoe Powers, Mahia Rahman and Belen Tesfaye, Kristen Alleyne