Washington – Liberty HS

Administrative Team

SY23-24 Admin Team

Pictured (from left to right):

Top Row: Julie Cantor, Jessica Gregory, Vica Irving, Timica Shivers

Bottom Row: Dr. Betty Sanders, Dr. Roger Baskin, Kevin Healy, Antonio Hall, Justin Bolfek, Maggie Hsu, Paul Jamelske


Contact Us:

Antonio (Tony) Hall (Principal):

Dr. Roger Baskin (Dean of Students):

Maggie Hsu (Asst. Principal – Grade 9):

Vica Irving (Asst. Principal – English Learners 1-4):

Paul Jamelske (Asst. Principal – Grade 12):

Dr. Betty Sanders (Asst. Principal – Grade 11):

Timica Shivers (Asst. Principal – Grade 10):

Justin Bolfek (Dir. of Student Activities):

Kevin Healy (Asst. Director of Student Activities):

Julie Cantor (International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator):

Jessica Gregory (Dir. of Counseling):

Educational Administrative Assistant Staff

Traci Garner (Principals’ Admin. Asst.):

Gracie Taylor (Treasurer):

Clelia Valdevia (Asst. Principals’ Admin. Assist.):

Courtney Pratt, (Special Edu. Admin. Assist.):

Jacqy Matlock (Activities Office Administrative Assist.):

Kiarra Parker (IB Office Administrative Asst.):

Shirley Ormeno (Main Office Admin. Assist.):

Crystal Browne (Main Office Admin. Assist.):

Bidkar Jimenez (Counseling Admin. Assist.):

Jessie Chirinos (Counseling Admin. Assist.):

Katherine Claggett (Annex Admin. Assist.):

Monica Campoverde (Attendance Admin. Assist.):