Social Studies

AP World History: Modern

AP US/ VA History (APush)

AP European History

IB Topics

IB Philosophy: Pick up a copy of The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy by Michael F. Patton and Kevin Cannon. This easy to read book introduces students to many of the concepts covered in the course. Reading the entire book should take one to two hours. We will discuss the book upon return to school in September.

IB Social and Cultural Anthropology Course Guide

IB Social / Cultural Anthropology HL Part II ONLY: Rising seniors taking Social/Cultural Anthropology HL Part II must spend a minimum of 6 hours collecting field work data for their Internal Assessment (IA). Using at least two methods, students must record, compile and document their data collection throughout the summer.  Please refer to the IB Social/Cultural Anthropology Curriculum Guide for further assistance (see link). Upon return to school in September, students will submit a portfolio of their data in preparation for meetings regarding their IA progress.

IB Economics – No Assignments.

AP / IB Psychology – No Assignments.