Small Learning Communities

Small Learning Community Coordinator

Jeana Norton


Small Learning Community Administrator

Miles Carey


Tips for a smooth transition to high school (click link for PDF presentation)

What are the Small Learning Communities?

The Small Learning Community (SLC) program groups freshmen into smaller communities to help ease their transition to high school. There are five SLCs at Washington-Liberty . Students on the same SLC share the same core teachers in science, social studies, and English. Teachers share a common planning period, which allows them to meet with students, parents, counselors, and other support staff. We believe that this program helps us get to know students and their families faster. It also reinforces relationships between students and teachers and among students, allowing students to form ties to the Washington-Liberty community.

SLC teachers

Washington – Liberty Small Learning Community Mission Statement

The goal of the Small Learning Community program is to ease the transition to high school by creating a small learning environment where students make connections to teachers and peers. Through this transition program, we aim to develop life-long learners who are adaptable to change with a specific high school goal of meeting students’ social and emotional needs while making academic progress.

Class of 2022 Parent Listserv

Are you the parent of a freshman and interested in connecting with other freshmen parents? If you want to stay connected,  join the Class of 2022 Parent Yahoo listserv.

The intent of the listserv is to:

  • Distribute information via the W-L PTA Class (Parent) Liaison
  • Create a two-way communication for Class information, ideas, and concerns among parents
  • Create a stronger, more connected community for our children for the next four years