Senior Class Officers

President: Kaiya Mitchell
Vice President: Camilla Regalia
Treasurer: Erin Pfeifer
Senators: Sophie Beach, Michael Farrell-Rosen, and Ashton Taylor
Senior Class Sponsor: Ms. Kristen Johnston
Senior Class Administrators:


Don’t forget to pay your senior class dues! They are $60 and pay for your cap and gown, senior picnic, and other senior events. To make a payment, you may use the Online Payment System or see Ms. Gracie Taylor in the main office. After May 1st, only cash or money orders will be accepted.

Senior Parking

Seniors may park in Deck A of the I-66 parking garage with a valid senior parking permit. You can purchase a 2020 – 2021 permit from Ms. Gracie Taylor in the main office for $50. You will need a signed application, valid driver’s license, and your current car registration to obtain the permit. If you park in the senior lot without a permit, you may receive a $40 parking ticket. A permit does not guarantee you a spot. Please arrive early to be sure that you are able to find a parking space AND get to class on time.

Off Campus Privileges

Seniors are provided the privilege of leaving campus at LUNCH TIME ONLY. You must complete the off campus permission slip and have your parent/guardian sign it. Remember, this is a privilege. Leaving campus at other times of the day or accumulating excessive tardies after lunch could result in revocation of your off campus privilege.