Information: Lunch & Lockers

APS is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and students throughout the entire school day. This includes during lunch, when students will not be able to wear masks while actively eating or drinking. We have developed a plan to protect student health and safety during meals, in accordance with CDC and VDH guidelines for schools.

Lunchtime Health and Safety Procedures :

Every school will consistently implement the following health and safety measures during lunch:

  •   Cafeteria or other dining spaces and frequently touched surfaces will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned by custodial staff between mealtimes.
  •  Hand-washing and sanitizer will be readily available for student use.

Washington-Liberty High School Dining Protocols :

At Washington-Liberty High School, we are committed to providing both indoor & outdoor spaces for students to eat lunch, and to distance as much as possible while eating. Our school will make use of multiple spaces – indoors and outdoors – and implement student rotations to maximize distancing and ensure student health and safety. Washington-Liberty has three (3) lunch periods. The following outlines our dining protocols:

  • PARTIAL OUTSIDE LUNCH PLAN: During each lunch period students will be able to eat outside in the W-L Courtyard, the stadium terrace, and in the stadium bleachers. Students should refrain from eating on the turf field as food debris may become lodged into the turf.
  • INSIDE DINING: During inclement weather or when dining inside, students will eat in Cafeteria, 1st floor hallway space with the exception of the gym hallways and music hallway. The W-L cafeteria and other larger spaces have higher filtration levels than classrooms and have dedicated HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systems that allow maximum outside air ventilation. In addition, W-L has installed four stand-alone HEPA air purifiers in the cafeteria.

Locker Requests :

Student lockers will be assigned by request ONLY. Please BARCODE BELOW or THIS REQUEST FORM.

Furthermore, you MUST BUY a School Lock for $7 from Room 1019, upon Locker Number Assignment.

Locker Distro