Senior College Planning Night Fall 2020

Welcome to WL’s virtual Senior College Planning Night web page! Resources that would typically be covered in an in-person presentation can be found on this page. A series of videos will provide Information on: Naviance, Pathway Program, Requesting transcripts, role of the student/parent/counselor in the application process, and how to stay connected. These videos are intended for both students and families. Please note that some information is repeated in multiple videos. This is intentional as there is some content we want our students and families to hear multiple times. Hint hint, it means it is important!

Please note: if you click on the header of each video, it will take you to a written transcript or talking points of the video.

Video 1: Introduction, Financial Aid & Scholarships, and Naviance 

*note: We now have eight videos instead of seven. Video three was broken into two videos.


Video 2: Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program: NVCC

Pathway Application Process 2020

PtB Application Flyer 2020

PtB Application Process Detailed 2020

Info Session Flyer


Video 3: Deadlines & Testing


Video 4: Transcripts and Transcript Requests


Link to Frequently Used Forms

Video 5: Student Responsibilities in the College Application Process


Video 6: Counseling Responsibilities in the College Application Process


Video 7: Digital Presence and Staying Connected


Video 8: Resources, Opportunities, & College Visits

*please note: The September date for Saturday Application Help is changed to 9/26