Lincoln-Douglas Debate Headed to Metrofinals

Washington – Liberty High School competes in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate, which is a 1 vs. 1, philosophical debate format. It’s a 12-hour tournament day where they compete in four rounds, arguing for or against a given topic twice. Tournaments are against high-schools in the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia region. By placing in JV or Varsity, competitors earn a bid to Metrofinals, at which they can qualify for Nationals in May. W – L HS were represented with 11 debaters competing on Saturday, four of whom placed and one of whom received a half-qualification for Metrofinals. Below are students’ names as well as individual placement:

Lindsey Gradowski– 1st place in Varsity + qualifying for Metrofinals

Rai Gilpin– 2nd place in Varsity + qualifying for Metrofinals

Ra’Nya Taylor– 3-1 record in Varsity + half qualifying for Varsity Metrofinals

Lizzie Dickerson– 1st place in JV + qualifying for JV Metrofinals

Belan Yeshigeta– 3rd place in Novice + half qualifying for JV Metrofinals