Virginia Junior League Academy of Sciences’ 80th Annual Research Symposium Awards 18 Students and Science Teacher – Elizabeth Wood

Virginia Junior Academy of Science – Research Symposium


 – MAY 22, 2021-

OFFICIAL AWARDS DOCUMENT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE AWARDS for Washington Liberty High School Students and Teachers A Program of The Virginia Academy of Science Virtual Research Symposium, hosted by The College of William & Mary Williamsburg, Virginia Program is available on the VJAS website

Charlotte Cunningham (10) was elected as the Vice President of the VJAS Student Officer for 2021- 2022

Botany A

Third Place  Matthew Huson (10) Title The Allelopathic Effect of Allelochemicals such as Juglone in Juglans Nigra On Zea Mays and Glyphosate Resistant Weed Amaranthus Retroflexus

Chemistry A 

Honorable Mention Ramon Dayan (10) Title The effect of Fruit on the Alcohol level of Kombucha

Honorable Mention  Richard Chen (9) Title The Effects of Antifungal Agents on the CO2 Production of Baker’s Yeast

Engineering A

Honorable Mention Eyuel Berhanu (9) Title The Effect of 3D Printing Material on 3D Print Strength

Earth & Environmental Science A 

Third Place Thomas Ackleson (11) Title Modeling Oncorhynchus nerka Populations Near Pebble Mine, Alaska

Earth & Environmental Science B 

Third Place Madison Goeke (10) Title A Solution to Plastic Pollution: An Investigation into Microplastic Removal from Water Using Ferrofluid

Earth & Environmental Science C 

Honorable Mention Lillian Moo (10) Title The Effect of Materials in Compost on Compost Temperature

Earth & Environmental Science D 

Second Place Harriet Shapiro (9) Title The Effect of Plant Type of a Green Roof on Internal Building Temperature

Earth & Environmental Science E

Second Place Adam Stievater (11) Title The Effect of Distance from I-95 on Prevalence of Epiphytic Lichen

Medicine & Health A

Honorable Mention Maryam Elgindy (9) Title The Effect of Public Health Policy on COVID-19 Mortality

Honorable Mention Jacob Bayer (9) Title The effect of comorbidities on COVID-19 mortality rate

Honorable Mention Lucy Anderson & Sarah Bolles (10)  Title The Effect of Homeopathic Antifungals on Yeast CO2 Production

Second Place Malek Ben Hammouda (9) Title The Relationship Between Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter During Pregnancy and Preterm Births

Medicine & Health D

Honorable Mention Lauren Rylander (10) Title Knowledge of Tissue Donation Survey Project

Microbiology & Cell Biology A

Second Place Ella Cohen (9) Title The Effect of Temperature on Concentration of Sugar After 10 Days in the Musa acuminata

Statistical Analysis & Inferences A

First Place Ambica Sharma (10) Title The Effect of Algorithm Based Neural Network Machine Learning on the Projection of the Basis and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

First Place Category & Section Awards

STATISTICS AWARD (given for the paper that evidences the most significant contribution in the field of Statistics)-

Ambica Sharma (10) Title The Effect of Algorithm Based Neural Network Machine Learning on the Projection of the Basis and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

THE FRANKLIN D. KIZER SCIENCE TEACHER OF TOMORROW AWARD (recognizes an outstanding Virginia science teacher and provides an opportunity for professional development through attendance at the annual VAST meeting.

Ms. Elizabeth Wood