55 Students Accepted to Annual VA Jr. Academy of Sciences (VJAS) Symposium

The students below were recently accepted to present their science papers at the upcoming virtual Virginia Junior Academy of Science Symposium coming up on May 14 hosted by the College of William and Mary.  For more information see: https://vjas.org/index.html


Jacob Coleman– The Effect of Acid Rain on the Germination of Different Types of Bean Seeds

Alba Edsall– The Effect of pH Level of Simulated Acid Rainwater on the Shoot Length of Soybeans

Emma Hemsch– The Effect of Water Stress on the Rate of Transpiration of Pisum sativum

Daisy Maxwell– The Effect of Sunscreen on Elodea canadensis

Mia Pisacane– The Effect of Different Watering Levels on the Germination Rate and Root Length of Lettuce Seedlings   Gabriella Venezia- The Effect of pH on Bean Germination

Isla Wearmouth– The Effect of Aquaponic Farming, in Comparison to Irrigation and Hydroponic Farming, on the Height of Lettuce Seeds


Haley Baasansukh– The Effect of Different Solvents on the Retention Factor of Photosynthetic Plant Pigments

Gabrielle Cordero– The Effect of Detergent Products Containing Sodium Percarbonate on Luminol Efficacy

Tess Davies– The Effect of Type of Drink on the Amount of Electrolytes

Sarah Eichorn– The Effect of Paper Type in Acidic or Neutral Solution on the Degradation of Paper Strength

Anna Freeman– The Effect of the Amount of Heavy Cream on the Density of Caramels

Arianna Hellman– The Effect of the Type of Sugar or Sugar Substitute on the Height of a Cupcake

Simran Kulkarni– The Effect of Temperature on Blue Light Luminous Intensity

Noor Long– The Effect of the Location of the Soil on its pH

Evelyn Ortuno– Average Mass(g) of Beef Liver Dissolved in Different pH Levels

Anna Pritchard– The effect of types of stain removal substances on cotton fabric treated with soy sauce

Addison Rosen and Chloe Buarer – What is the effect of various leavening agents on the density (gms) of baked bread?


Karin Anderson– The Effect of 3D Geometric Shapes on Light Scatter

Leonardo Fall– The Effect of Different 3-Dimensional Shapes on the Accuracy and Precision of an Ultrasonic Sensor

Solomon Galpern– Science Fair The Effect of Blade Angle and Fan Speed on Energy Produced by a Wind Turbine Kit

Abbey Lennox and Sam Short– Can Silica Save The Glaciers?

Alena Topchy and Sadie Wallander– The Effect of Infrastructure on Dissolved Oxygen in Nearby Streams

Eyuel Berhanu– The Effect of Hull Design on Drag

Raphael Sanchez– The effect of Tuned Mass Dampers on Super-Slender Buildings affected by Vortex Shedding

Environmental Science 

Grace Abbott– The Effect of Agricultural Runoff on Water Quality

Elina Coutlakis and Elizabeth Adams– The Effect of California Wildfires on Bird Populations

Ella Cohen– Effect of Humidity (in %) on Sugar Content of the Musa Acuminata After 6 Days (in Brix)

Kara Felker– What is the correlation between the temperature anomaly in Virginia and the occurrence of Brown-headed Nuthatches (Sitta pusilla) in Virginia

Anastasia Kotakis– The Effect of Different Kinds of Roadside Salts on Fescues Grass Plant Growth

Madison Le– The Effect of Different Colored Light on the Growth of Plants

Abbey Lennox and Sam Short– Can Silica Save The Glaciers?

Elle Pickard– The Effect of Different Purification Methods on Amount of Bacteria in Water

Ana Sanchez-Armass– Differences in Water Quality in the Washington DC Area

Frances Shapiro– The Effect of Soil Particle Size on Water Runoff

Harriet Shapiro– The Effect of Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategy on Surface and Atmospheric Temperature

Alena Topchy and Sadie Wallander– The Effect of Infrastructure on Dissolved Oxygen in Nearby Streams

Natalie Walker– The Effect of Potomac River’s Water Quality on Water Purification

Pete Wilcox– How do Combinations of Warm Water and Ammonia Affect Brine Shrimp Hatch

Abraham Wisner– Measuring the Effect of Bacopa Caroliniana, Ceratophyllum Demersum, and Vallisneria Americana on Phosphorus Levels in Water

Medicine and Health

Allison Grove and Kathryn Boerckel– The Effect of Correspondence Between Strains of Prevalent Influenza and Strains Included in the Vaccine on the Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine in 10 Flu Seasons from 2010-2020

Qiaojing Huang– The Effect of Similarity in Glycoproteins Between the Strains of Influenza Virus and Strains in the Vaccine on the Overall Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines

Lauren Rylander– The Effect of Educational Intervention on Knowledge of Tissue Donation in High School Students

Jaya Shah– The Effect of Glucose Sensor on the Functioning of an Artificial Pancreas Model

Abigail Whiting– The Correlation Between Surface Temperature and Dengue Fever Incidence in Countries in the Americas

Microbiology and Cell Biology 

Emma Abramson– The Effect of Hand Soaps on the Growth of Staphylococcus Epidermidis Bacteria

Lucy Anderson– Effect of Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Sanitizers on the Growth of Staphylococcus epidermidis

Caroline Fern and Lucie Leblond– The Effect of Green Tea Concentration on the Amount of Oral Bacteria

Helen Hanke– The Effect of Body Wash on the Zone of Inhibition of Staphylococcus epidermidis

Anna Mohanty– The Effect of a Staphylococcus epidermidis Infection on the pH of its Medium

Darya Wilson– The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Cleanliness of Common Surfaces


Andrew Klinger– The Effect of Different Locations on Face Covering Compliance