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Mr. Vogel, I’m the guy on the left   ned      ROOM 3023

About your teacher:   Born, 1964, NYC, NY. Moved to Honolulu, Hawai’i as a teenager and stayed until 1998. Moved Arlington,VA. Grad. U of. Hartford 1986, U of Hawai’i Manoa 1988. Teaching since 1990 with a year stint, as a Physical Education Teacher at the Allen Stevenson School in NYC. My wife, Raphaella is from Anzere, Switzerland, we have one daughter. I enjoy;  sports,reading, walking/mtn. walking, working out and anything in the ocean. My sports teams are the teams of my childhood: NY Jets, NY Yankees, NY Knicks, NY Rangers and University Hawai’i Warriors…I’ve been teaching for 25+ years and  the past I’ve taught: US/VA History, World History, Economics, IB- History of the Americas, US/VA Government, Modern Hawaiian History and Ancient Hawaiian History, I.B. Anthropology and now A.P Government. As always the school year will go by fast…with this in mind:  1. Keep organized and use an agenda/assignment book to help. 2. Keep as positive an attitude as possible, you’ll be surprised by how a smile can change things. 3. Tackle one thing, one challenge at a time 4. Get the most unpleasant things out of the way first, no end around, just do it… Hang in there and check my class page for information.

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