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RISING 9TH GRADERS- Please select  CONCERT CHOIR on your CRF card.   If you have any questions, ask your middle school director.

FOR CURRENT WL 9-11TH GRADES: Please read all of the information carefully.Your course options are, Concert Choir, Treble Chorus, Basso Chorus – no audition or prerequisite. OR Advanced Choir and Chamber Choir – auditioned and previous singing experience required.


  • Prepared solo – “Shenandoah” – VERSE 1 ONLY see materials below
  • Vocal Range Test – how high and how low you can sing


  • To choose the correct key for your voice, listen to all of the samples below and choose the one that best suits your voice.
  • Download a copy of the music, the rehearsal mp3, and the performance mp3, appropriate for your key.
  • Prepare your solo and be ready to sing with the performance mp3 – I will use this rubric All-VA Chorus Score Sheet




Members of the Washington-Liberty Choral Department are consistently chosen for All-District Choir, All-Virginia Choir, the Virginia Honors Chorus, American Choral Directors Association Southeast Honors Chorus, and the American Choral Directors Association National Honors Choirs. They work with nationally and internationally known choral directors.

Basso Chorus and Treble Chorus

Basso Chorus and Treble Chorus  are vocal ensembles open to all tenors and basses (Basso) and sopranos and altos (Treble) regardless of ability and allowing them to receive direct instruction and attention they could not get in a mixed setting, and allowing them to explore the world of bass only or treble only literature, with particular attention paid to the changing voice, developing singing habits and good choral tone.Instruction in the proper technique of singing while learning songs from various cultures, in various languages, and in differing styles, including Broadway and contemporary works is the primary focus of the course. An audition is not required, but it is suggested that all interested singers in this course arrange a meeting with Ms. Severin.Like the Concert Choir, the Basso Chorus and Treble Chorus is a first step in the high school choral curriculum and in addition to building vocal technique, will introduce music reading and sight-singing.  A course fee is required.Tenors and Basses interested in joining the Basso Chorus, should select Basso Chorus on their CRF cards.Sopranos and Altos interested in joining the Treble Chorus, should select Treble Chorus on their CRF cards.Concert Choir is the beginning vocal ensemble at Washington-Lee High School and is open to students in grades 9-12. There is no pre-requisite for this class and students do not need to have a formal audition to register for this choral group but a simple screening (visit) is strongly encouraged. This class is the first step in the high school choral curriculum and is designed to develop musicianship, improve vocal production, as well as introduce music reading and sight-singing. Students will gain experience working together as an ensemble and gain confidence as a performer. A wide range of music is offered, including popular, sacred, secular music of various styles and periods. Students will sing music in many languages from a variety of cultures.The Concert Choir will perform at school and community events. A course fee is required Chorale (Advanced Choir) is the next step in the sequential choral music education on the high school level. Basic music reading and sight-singing skills are essential at this level. The Chorale rehearses and performs choral literature representative of a variety of styles, languages and cultures of moderate to advanced difficulty. Students will receive advanced training in sight-singing, vocal production and singing techniques. Performances in school and community functions, concerts, district festivals and a possible concert trip are also included. A course fee is required.Previous choral singing experience in school or church is preferred but not required. Students must pass a required audition to register for this course.

Chamber Singers in Program of Studies

The Chamber Singers ensemble is the premier vocal ensemble at Washington-Lee and students must have previous choral ensemble singing experience plus pass a required audition to register for this course. This ensemble provides an accelerated chamber music experience for highly proficient and developed vocalists. Literature studied is of an advanced level and spans various eras and genres. Extensive training in vocal production, music theory and sight-singing is included.The Chamber Singers have appeared at the Kennedy Center and the White House as well as the Virginia Music Educators Conference. A course fee is required. FALL POPS CONCERT (mandatory for all choral students in all ensembles) – This is our first major concert of the year.WINTER CONCERT (mandatory for all choral students in all ensembles) Our second concert of the year is a more formal concert highlighting choral literature from the standard repertoire and selected holiday favorites.PYRAMID CONCERT (mandatory for all choral students in all ensembles) – This is our third major concert of the year where we will host singers from select middle schools.SOL DISTRICT PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT, PRE-ASSESSMENT CONCERT, AND CONCERT (mandatory for all choral students in all ensembles) – sponsored by the Virginia Choral Directors Association. Students will travel to Langley HS to perform for adjudication. Prior to the formal assessment, students will perform a public concert to prepare for the final event. Adjudication involves a warm up piece, two graded selections, and group sight singing.SPRING CONCERT AND DRESS REHEARSAL (mandatory for all choral students in all ensembles) – our fifth and final large ensemble concert of the year. This concert features a “Senior Night” to honor the Class of 2019.SMALL ENSEMBLE CONCERT (mandatory for all choral students in all ensembles) is a culminating activity and part of the final exam grade for students in Concert Choir, Advanced Choir, and Chamber Singers. Students will choose, rehearse and perform pieces in a public performance.GRADUATION (mandatory for Chamber Singers) – Seniors who wish to sing for graduation must be present at the final exam for Chamber Choir and be able to perform your part from memory in a quartet test. Singing at graduation will be a portion of your final exam grade.CHORAL DEPARTMENT SPRING TRIP (optional) – The choral department will participate in a spring trip based on student interest. Destination is TBAALL-DISTRICT CHOIR (optional) – sponsored by the Virginia Choral Directors Association and open to all students in all ensembles. The auditions are held in the fall and students will be behind a partition. The audition includes a prepared piece and an individual sight-singing example. The three-day culminating activity is in early February. All audition fees and participation fees are covered by the students and their parents/guardians.ALL-VIRGINIA CHOIR – sponsored by the Virginia Choral Directors Association and open to students in grades 9-12 who are members of the 2019 All-District Chorus. Audition information can be found at: http://vcda.net/index.php/2013-12-10-04-17-46/all-virginia-menu/allva-chorus-audition.html – Registration, lodging, music, and transportation will be at the expense of Arlington Public Schools.VIRGINIA SENIOR HONORS CHOIR (optional) – sponsored by the Virginia Music Educators Association and open to member of the Class of 2019 only. Auditions will include sight singing and will not be a blind audition. Students who successfully pass the audition will perform as part of the VMEA Conference in November and The Homestead. All expenses will be paid for by Arlington Public Schools. Audition information can be found at http://www.vmea.com/index.php/events-menu/honors-choirs (the date should read 2018 – I’ve been assured that all of the other information is correct.)ACDA NATIONAL HONOR CHOIR (optional) – sponsored by the American Choral Directors Association and interested students must be sponsored by an ACDA member. The ACDA National Conference will be in Kansas City, MO in late February. All fees and expenses, including the audition fee, will be covered by the students and their parents/guardians. Students will submit a taped audition and information can be found at https://acda.org/images/ACDA%20Web/Conferences/Honor%20Choir%20page%201%20final.jpg