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We will be using Google Classroom this year for all assignments and unit resources!

Health: Rooms 1014/1011
PE Office: Room 1630
Planning: 1st, 4th
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Health and Physical Education 1

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Health Syllabus

Health Syllabus- Ms. PettyObjectives & Expectations:The purpose of this course is to enable you to gain the knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions about your health-related behaviors. Health is all around us and we will be exploring all areas.   If you work to apply the knowledge you gain in this course to your personal life, the benefits of this class will extend far beyond the academic credit awarded.  The textbook is used in this course to provide you with a basic foundation of health-related knowledge.  Engaging in the learning activities associated with the course will assist you in assessing and clarifying your personal attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to selected health issues.Your participation is a valued part of this course. Do your best to be in class and on time every day.  Be respectful of others and treat them the way you would like to be treated.  Certain health topics may be sensitive for you or for some of your classmates, so please be mindful of others’ feelings.Grading:     Student grades reflect student achievement and not student behavior.Your grade for each quarter will be comprised of the following:

  • Class activities:       10-50 points
  • Daily Decisions         5-points
  • Homework                10-100 points
  • Tests/Quizzes           50-100 points
  • Projects                     50-100 points
  • The D.D will be completed each day in the beginning of class.  As per APS PIP 25-1.1 Attendance, “credit for make-up work is only given when the absence is excused.”  Students entering class after the bell has rung will be marked tardy and will lose credit for the warm-up activity already in progress or homework collected.

Late work policy:During the 1st quarter, late work will be accepted up until the last day of the quarter.  During the 2nd quarter, late work will be accepted up until the last day of the specified unit.  Dates will be announced.For assignments worth 10 points or less, 1 point will be deducted for each class period that the assignment is late.For assignments worth 11 points or more, 1 point will be deducted for each school day that the assignment is late.Your final grade for the semester will be a combination of your 2 quarters and a final exam. 

You will not have quarter exams, but you will have unit tests during the semester and a final exam.1st quarter: 40%                     2nd quarter: 40%

Final exam: 20%Grading Scale:A 90-100       B+87-89         B 80-86           C+ 77-79          C 70-76     D+67-69       D 60-66           E 0-59

Extra Credit:  Throughout the semester you will have opportunities to receive extra credit. Up to 5 points per quarter Attendance:   See student hand book for the attendance policy.

Honor Code Policy: Students will be asked to sign an honor pledge for assignments.  By signing the pledge, students will acknowledge their understanding of the honor policy and that they have not violated that policy in any way.“On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received information on this assignment.”

Materials – Bring to class every day:A spiral notebook or composition book, Pens/Pencils

Health Beyond the Classroom:There will not always be daily homework assignments, but there will be required work outside of the classroom.

  1. Projects/Groupwork

There will be 3-4 extended assignments throughout the semester you will have to complete.  The assignments are to allow you to collaborate with classmates, explore the topic in more depth, and to use your creativity.

  1.   Activities with an adult

There will be 2-3 assignments throughout the semester that you will have to complete with an adult (preferably a parent/guardian).  The assignments are to encourage communication about various topics that will be covered in class.  More details will be given with each assignment.  These assignments will not be taxing on you or the adult.

General Outline of Units (subject to change):

Mental & Social Health     September

Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs     October

Nutrition and Fitness     November

Body Image, Gender Stereotypes and Family Life Education                      December & January

Electronic Devices PolicyIn order to help maintain a classroom environment centered on learning, the H & PE department has adopted the following cell phone/electronic device policy:Students will not have cell phones (or other electronic devices) on their person, their desk, or visible in any way.  Cell phones (or other electronic devices) must be silenced, out of sight and stored in their backpack or PE locker at all times unless specifically permitted for instructional purposes. We are not opposed to technology, but it must be used for instruction, not distraction.

  • Upon the first offense, the student will be given a verbal warning to put the phone away.
  • Upon the second offense, the student will be asked to hand over their device until the end of class.  If a student refuses, administration will be notified.
  • Upon the third offense, the device will be turned over to the main office for the student to pick up at the end of the day.

Any offense beyond that will require a parent or legal guardian to come in and pick up the device from the student’s administrator.My signature below indicates my understanding and acknowledgement of this policy, and everything else stated in this syllabus. Student Signature _________________________     Date ___________________ Parent/Guardian Signature___________________    Date____________________   Student name-printed ____________________________




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