Maldonado-Mendez, Lilliana

Lilliana Maldonado-Méndez

National Board Certified Spanish Teacher

IB Spanish Teacher

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Spanish is a beautiful language!

It’s the language of Cervantes, Garcia Marques, Borges, Neruda, Allende and  Mistral.

It’s the music of Mariachis, Tango, Flamenco, Merengue and Salsa.

It’s spoken in many countries in the world.

It opens doors.

Welcome to the wonderful experience of learning Spanish

My schedule

                    W                                                      L

           Period 1     planning                 Period 2     planning

                                       IB Spanish B HL1 room 3035

                     5    IB Spanish B HL2                 4      IB Spanish B HL2

                     7   Spanish  3                              6     Spanish for Fluent Speakers 3




  • At the end of the Language B c
  • General's Period TOK
  • This course is designed for st
  • Emphasis will be placed on
  • Spanish Fluent Speakers III