Kelly, Jennifer

Welcome to World History!  This course will focus on the significant events, people, and ideas of western and non-western civilizations from 1500 AD to the present. The concept of “identity” will be the organizing theme for this course of study. Students will view themselves relative to the changes in political, economic, social, cultural, and geographic developments of contemporary history since 1500 AD. A brief review of ancient civilizations will take place at the beginning of the course. Students will study four eras of history: expansion of world populations around 1500 AD, encounters and exchanges of exploration, the age of revolutions, and the world since World War I. Passing the SOL test and the course earns a verified credit.

Below is my schedule for 2018-2019:

1st Period – Modern World HistoryModern World History syllabus 18-19

2nd Period – Individual Planning

3rd Period  – AP World HistoryAP Syllabus 2018-2019

4th Period – Intensified World HistoryIntensified World History syllabus 18-19

5th Period -Intensified World HistoryIntensified World History syllabus 18-19

6th Period – SLC Team Collaboration

7th Period -World HistoryModern World History syllabus 18-19

Contact and Social Media

All class information can be found on Canvas.  Daily assignments, homework, and course content can be viewed as it is covered in class. The best way to reach me is via e-mail:  I will also post assignments, handouts, and reminders as I am able through Parent/StudentVue.



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