East, Margaret

Dr. East
Dr. East and her dog Bubba.

Hi, welcome to my school webpage and welcome to my 7th year of teaching at Washington-Liberty!  Prior to teaching here I have taught high schoolers at Stuart’s Draft High School in Augusta County, VA; graduate students in Urban Studies at the University of Texas-Arlington; and undergraduates in Geography at the University of Georgia in Athens.  I have also worked in GIS and regional planning, as a researcher at the California Census Research Data Center at UCLA, and as program manager in the Agricultural Economics Department at Kansas State University.   I “married the military” in 2006 and thus began my transition to high school teaching not long thereafter.   My geography degrees are from Appalachian State University (BS) and University of Georgia (MA & Ph.D.), but my high school education credentials come from Mary Baldwin University.   I currently live with my husband, two cats, and dog in Alexandria.  Though this is the most challenging job I’ve ever had, it is also the most rewarding and I am so happy to be teaching in Arlington.   I use Canvas to post content for my students, so see me in person if you are struggling with access to your online classroom.   My email is margaret.east@apsva.us and, if you are my student, you should be able to find your class in Canvas.   

I am also the school’s Model General Assembly sponsor and am available several afternoons per month to meet with students in this club.  We usually meet on Tuesdays from 3:05 – 4:00 through Nov. then about twice per month thereafter until our Richmond MGA field trip in March.  Our partner for MGA is the YMCA of Arlington.  Carston Schoer, a senior here at W-L, is our club President. Leave a note for him with the office or send me an email if you are interested in this club.  We also have a club canvas page and we’ll be happy to add you to that page. 

Below is my schedule for the year. Please click class names to access the syllabi. 

1st. Period (W days, 8:19 – 9:45): AP Gov. Syllabus, 10th grade, Rm. 2211

2nd. Period (L days, 8:19 – 9:45): AP Gov. Syllabus, 10th grade, Rm. 2211

3rd. Period (everyday, 9:52 – 10:37):   IB Geography Syllabus, Rm. 2211

TOK 11th grade Generals’ Period, GP (everyday, 10:44 – 11:19): Rm. 2211

4/5th days A Lunch  (11:26 – 12:05): Lunch, if you *must* find me and I am not in my room knock on 3rd floor teacher lounge door.

4th Period (L Days, 12: 05 – 1:29):  Planning, Rm. 2211, unless this is 2nd quarter and I should be in 2nd floor teacher lounge

5th Period (W Days, 12:05 – 1:29):  Planning, Rm. 2211, unless this is 2nd quarter and I should be in 2nd floor teacher lounge

6th Period (L days, 1:36 – 3:01): Reg. Gov. Syllabus, 10th grade, Rm. 2211

7th Period (W days, 1:36 – 3:01): AP Gov. Syllabus,10th grade, Rm. 2211