Reading is FUNdamental, School Library is Still OPEN to Check Books Out!

Washington – Liberty HS has eBooks and Audio Books students can checkout on their devices, but we are also providing them with the opportunity to check out physical books from our library. Students need to log in to the school’s Online Catalog to put books on hold, which they can access from the Library website, as well as Canvas. Librarians will then check them out to them on Mondays and bring them down to Door One (1) for pick-up.

If students can’t pick up their books from 11am – 1pm on Monday, the books will be kept inside Door 1 for pick-up anytime Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4pm.

Reminder, students must make sure the books are checked out to them before coming to school, if no book is there it can’t be checked-out on site.