Lincoln Douglas Debate Team Shows Off

The following members of the Lincoln Douglas Debate Team achieved amazing accomplishments:

Hannah Dembosky – 1st place at Varsity Metrofinals (Nationals Qualifier)

Lindsey Gradowski – 3rd place at Super Regionals (States Qualifier and Varsity Metrofinals Qualifier)

Caroline Cunningham – Varsity Metrofinals Qualifier

Christoph Schoer – 4th place at WACFL 3, Novice, and Regionals Qualifier

Chrisraine Gilpin – 4th place at Varsity WACFL 1

Adalie Dempsey – 5th place WACFL 3, Novice

H. Dembosky will represent our team at the NCFL Grand Nationals, while A. Gradowski will represent our team at the VHSL State Tournament. Good Luck to all Generals!