IB Film Students Document Class of 1967’s 50th Reunion

W-L Class of 1967’s 50th Reunion is documented by IB Film students to create a unique memory. The short documentary is the brainchild of Mr. Glen Neumann (drummer of the band, “The Canterbury Tales”) looking for someone to record their reunion. IB Film students showcased their talents while also doing a selfless service for their school community. After initial conversations with a reunion committee member, Ms. Donna Honeywell (Asst. Principal at Arlington Traditional), as well as all the current enrolled IB Film students, over 28 volunteered to work on this project in various capacities.

The students brainstormed ideas on how to approach capturing footage and how they could create a special film in honor of the Class of 1967. After organizing the volunteers available to film and/or edit the footage, film crew were organized. One small film crew concentrated on special memorabilia as well as Penman Issues from 50 years ago. On Saturday morning another crew filmed the alumni touring our new building. Later in the evening, a third film crew recorded personal vignettes from the alumni attending their 50th reunion dinner at the Ballston Hilton in Arlington, VA. Footage is set to be edited by other IB Film students to finalize the Doc short as well as organize the music soundtrack from the alumni live band, “The Canterbury Tales”.

The film will be shared with the Class of 1967 as a memory keepsake honoring their 50th Reunion event by late October via social media. The students who filmed were extremely moved by the project as they heard the special memories shared of fun experiences, special school traditions, and memories of long time friends. The Class of ’18 and Class of ’19 will always share a unique bond with the Class of 1967 that will forever be commemorated with this special film project.