Eleven W-L Students Will Attend the Governor’s School This Summer

This summer, 11 W-L students will attend the Governor’s School for Academics, Mentorship, Visual and Performing Arts or the World Language Academies at different universities and colleges in Virginia. Both programs allow students to focus on a specific area of intellectual or artistic strengths in a way that best suits the gifted learner’s needs. Each program stresses non-traditional teaching and learning techniques. To gain admittance to the program, students had to apply via highly competitive process. Students applying for the visual and performing arts program were also required to complete an arts audition at the district level. Candidates then moved on to compete at the state level. Below are the list of students with their area of interest.

Governor’s School for Academics, Mentorship, Visual and Performing Arts:

Caroline Gage, Humanties

Duncan Griffiths, Humanities

Anthony Lawson, Humanities

Thomas Lynch, Vocal/Baritone

Lucy Martin, Vocal/Alto

Tsomirlog Naranbayar, Humanties

Lillian Watson, Mathematics, Science & Technology

Governors’ World Language Academies:

Radina Dancheva, French

Conor Hogan, Japanese

Cordelia Medrick, German

Sandra Sosa-Olivares, Latin


Juliana Logan, Japanese

Marva Tiara McGowan-Jones, Spanish

Julia Van Lare, Medicine and Health Sciences