Weekly Writing Prompt

Write a poem dedicated to a beloved snack from your childhood, exploring how it has changed or remained the same throughout the years. Consider the effect that consistence has on your life, even in the form of a favorite snack. Submit your pieces to: wlpenman@gmail.com

2016 – 2017 VHSL Publication Awards

All four of Ms. Catherine Misar’s journalism classes: Yearbook, Newspaper, Penman and Broadcast, were recognized for their work in the 2016 – 2017 school year by the Virginia High School League (VHSL). Over 300 public high schools participate with VHSL and many divisions compete against 100 or more other schools in their respective category. The […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

This week, try out an exercise to make your own fiction more timeless. Search through your writing for an excerpt in a short story that includes makers of a contemporary setting, perhaps in in its mention of modern objects, technology or usage of slag. Then revise that section of story by transforming the contemporary elements […]

IB Film Students Document Class of 1967’s 50th Reunion

W-L Class of 1967’s 50th Reunion is documented by IB Film students to create a unique memory. The short documentary is the brainchild of Mr. Glen Neumann (drummer of the band, “The Canterbury Tales”) looking for someone to record their reunion. IB Film students showcased their talents while also doing a selfless service for their […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

Think of a time when you’ve responded in a stressful situation with a defense mechanism of your own. Write an essay about the encounter, exploring your emotional response and aspects of your personal history that may have contributed to your instinctive reaction. Submit your pieces to wlpenman@gmail.com

SOL: Testing Dates

Below are the testing dates for this year and the types of SOLs for your information: English 11 Writing SOLs for Seniors = Oct. 16th – 27th / Nov. 13th – 17th (2nd attempts) Non Writing SOLs (Retakes for Seniors + any students who want to schedule for a retake) = Jan. 8th – 17th / Jan. […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

What musicians are part of the soundtrack of your life? Choose several musicians or band integral to your soundtrack, and write poems that reflect on the lives of these musicians, combining research and imagination in a song of your own. Submit your pieces to: wlpenman@gmail.com

“Generals Radio” Hits the Airwaves

Daily Dispatch producer, senior Sam Yarnell, kickstarted his “Generals Radio” broadcast at yesterday’s football game. Sam single-handedly began “Generals Radio” at basketball games last year and has since expanded the program to cover football games this fall. Working on equipment that he purchased himself, Sam commentates live with fellow broadcast enthusiasts Ben Simon and Chris […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

A feeling of helplessness or lack of control over the weather may also contribute to snappish behavior. Write a short story in which your main character struggles to keep calm on one of the hottest (or coldest) days of the year. What is the catalyst that drives your character to lose patience or keep cool? […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

Think of several public landmarks located in your city, and integrate them as cues or red herrings in a short mystery story. How does zeroing in on the small, specific details of familiar landmarks imbue your story with a layer of suspense or tension? Submit your picks to wlpenman@gmail.com