Weekly Writing Prompt

Write down a list of five words that you find particularly repulsive, words that might not otherwise have any definitively negative connotations. Use these words in a poem and explore how word choice can propel you toward certain subject matter. Do you find yourself pulled to other repellant images and memories, or pushed to offset […]

IB Film Students Partner with Local University Students to Create Film

IB Film students recently took part in an incredible opportunity to work on a professional film production managed by George Mason University (G.M.U.) and American University Film school students, under the Direction of GMU Senior, Logan Brown. Brown’s senior thesis film is a wonderful film-short she wrote related to real-life bullying experiences faced by a […]

Scholastic Team Takes Third at Liberty District Tournament

Washington – Lee HS Scholastic team completed last Saturday, January 13th, in the 2018 Liberty District Tournament. Finishing in third place behind McLean HS and Langley HS. Students had a wonderful time and are proud of their achievement. If interested in joining our winning team please see Ms. Sotomayor in Room 4002. Go Generals!

Weekly Writing Prompt

Write a poem inspired by the workings of the human body at a cellular level. You may find ideas by looking at different vocabulary and terminology, or drawing connections between cellular functions and processes to situations in your emotional life and interpersonal relationships. Submit your pieces to: wlpenman@gmail.com

Weekly Writing Prompt

This week, think of a recent encounter you had with someone you admire. Then, write a short story where you reimagine that experience from the perspective of the other person. What might be noticed about the interaction that is different from what you interpreted? Will the feelings expressed be mutual? Submit your pieces to wlpenman@gmail.com