IB Students Founded “Students for Racial Equity” to Support their Classmates

Students, Amina Luvsanchultem and Kimi Reed, created Students for Racial Equity (SRE) to promote and empower culturally and linguistically diverse students in Arlington. SRE connects with students to collect their lived experiences and student voices on what it is like to be a student in Arlington. Created materials highlight what it is like to be a culturally and linguistically diverse student in Arlington and circulated via:·       

* Facilitating conversations with Arlington leaders and educators to inspire them to act and implement anti-racist policies and practices.   
* Presenting information to culturally and linguistically diverse parents and students in Arlington on educational opportunities and tools to overcome barriers.
* Distributing content of student voices through a radio/podcast series in partnership with Arlington Independent Media.

Any students interested in joining SRE, please click on the “Read More” button below to be directed to SRE’s website and complete a “Contact Us” Form.

Publications Announcements :

Underclassmen & Staff Picture Days are Sept. 21st and 22nd, Pre-order your 2021-2022 W-L Yearbook today! Senior Parents: Purchase a Sr. Recognition Ad

Estudiantes de subclases y personal Días de fotos: 21 y 22 de Septiembre, ¡Haga su reserva hoy mismo en el Anuario W-L 2021-2022!, Padres Mayores: Comprar un Anuncio de Reconocimiento para Ancianos

Gifted Information Meeting on Oct. 12th

Time: 7 – 8PM

Location: W-L HS Cafeteria

For more information about W-L Gifted Services please follow along on Twitter @teacherburgos

College Visits Ramp Up

College visits for the 2021-2022 school year will run through the first week of November. We will have a mix of in-person and virtual visits. Most visits held during the school day will be in room 1030, across from the cafeteria.

After school virtual visits will be open to all APS students and an APS staff member will not be present. These virtual college visits are for students only, if parents are present, we ask that you not engage the college representative, as the purpose of these opportunities is for students to interact with the representative.

W-L Students can sign up for college visits in their Naviance accounts. They must also obtain pass from anyone in counseling, a minimum two days in advance of the visit date.

Senior Studies with Stanford Univ. to Develop Cancer Detection Tool

Senior Thomas Ackelson spent his summer working with other Stanford University Master’s students to develop an AI-driven skin cancer detection tool that works over the internet.

The model developed 99.84% accuracy at identifying seven cancerous and non-cancerous skin lesions (100% accuracy at identifying melanomas) with 10,000 test images.