95 Students Applied for 2020 Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) Virtual Symposium Awards, Winners Announced

Ninety-five (95) Washington-Liberty HS students applied to present their science research projects at the Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) Symposium this past school year. Following their efforts, 64 students were accepted to participate in the first ever VJAS virtual symposium. On Thursday, May 28th the following winners from Washington-Liberty HS were announced:

2020 Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS) Virtual Symposium awardees:

Botany A

2nd Place, Noah Portner

Honorable Mention, Sassan Fiske

Honorable Mention, Madison Goeke

Chemistry A

2nd Place, Stephen Rozen & Jake Lanier

Honorable Mention, Anne Licato

Engineering A

2nd Place, Michael Dertke & Fardeen Bablu

3rd Place, Mahia Rahman

Honorable Mention, Caroline Colucia

Earth and Environmental Science A

2nd Place, Juliana Lomas

Honorable Mention, Andrea Goodell

Earth and Environmental Science B

2nd Place, Estee Ruiz

3rd Place, Lily Odenwelder

Honorable Mention, Ellie Potts  

Microbiology and Cell Biology A

2nd Place, Adam Stievater

Statistical Analysis and Inferences

3rd Place, Rose Haron


2nd Place, Benjamin Portner