70 Students Presented and 14 Earn Recognition at the 77th annual statewide Virginia Junior Academy of Science Competition

Numerous students placed in the 77th annual statewide Virginia Junior Academy of Science Competition May 22nd- May 24th at Longwood University sponsored by the Virginia Academy of Science VJAS Winners 2018

  1. Caroline Cunningham – 1st Place Statistical Analysis and Inferences – The influence of the glycoprotein ratio on the influenza vaccine effectiveness
  2. Lindsey Gradowski – 1st Place Psychology A – The effect of implication on the creation of false memories
  3. James Licato – 1st Place Environmental Science C – The Effect of pharmaceutical presence on denitrification
  4. Zoe Tijerina – 1st Place Environmental Science D – Efficacy of HCHO gas reduction methods
  5. Athena Butler-Christodoulou – 2nd Place Medicine and Health A – Investigating the antibacterial properties of nanomaterials
  6. Jessica Byers – 3rd Place Environmental Science A – What is the effect of different levels of pH on the Filtration of Crassostrea virginica?
  7. Holland Forsythe – 3rd Place Environmental Science B – The effect of different water treatments on the amount of bacteria in the water
  8. Abigail Martinage – 3rd Place Psychology B – The presence of gender bias in career association
  9. Rebecca Stewart – 3rd Place Medicine and Health B – Kinematics of the knee on DKV: The effect of the angle of knee flexion and knee valgus on the force exerted upon the patella tendon
  10. Robyn Alteneder and Ava Barnett – Honorable Mention Environmental Science A – The effect of the duration of time turf is heated on the carcinogen runoff
  11. Andrew Cabalu – Honorable Mention Environmental Science A – The effect of the acidity of solutions on the rate of cellular respiration of Pisum sativum
  12. Atti Rattelman – Honorable Mention Psychology B – The effect of gender on performance in tests of spatial ability, motor skills, memory, and social cognition
  13. Sarah Russell-Hunter – Honorable Mention Physics and Astronomy – The effect of violin string core on overtone capability

James Licato was also named as one of the top 4 projects in the entire competition and designated as a 1st alternate to the American Junior Academy of Science meeting next fall.

Washington – Lee again had the greatest number of Arlington students accepted to the competition this year. Seventy students presented PowerPoint summaries of their independent and experimental science research project papers followed by questions from panels of University level scientists.  We are extremely proud of the work all the students did all year to reach this competition.  We had a wonderful group who represented our school with great distinction.