64 Students’ Submit Accepted Papers to the Annual VJAS Symposium

Congratulations to the Washington – Liberty HS students who submitted papers accepted at the Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS). For more information please visit VJAS.org.

Please see below for this year’s accepted papers along with students’ names (and grade level):

Botany –

  • Allen, Lily (9) “The Effect of Different Fuels on the Growth of Elodea canadensis”
  • Fiske, Sassan (9) “The Effect of Single Material Composts on Growth Rate of Radish Plants”
  • Franklin, Caroline (9) & McDonald, Erin (9) “The Effect of Liquid Fertilizer on Bush Bean Plan Growth”
  • Friedman, Annabel (9) “The Effect of Stimulants on Duckweed plants (Lemna minor)”
  • Goeke, Madison (9) “The Effect of Algae Species Grown in a Photobioreactor on Algal Biomass for Biofuel Production”
  • Huson, Teo (9) “Kill or get Killed” A Study On the Allelopathic Properties of the Nut Tree Family Native to Northern Virginia
  • Lopez-Lopez, Maria (9) “The Effect of Different pH Levels of Liquids on the Process of Seed Germination”
  • Mohamed, Lara (9) “What is the Effect of Genetic Modification on the Growth Rate of a Soybean Plant?”
  • Portner, Noah (11) “The Effect of Chitinase from Various Sources on Mycorrhizal Root Coverage”
  • South, Laura (9) “The Effect of Water Purification Methods on Plant Growth”
  • Tsai, Benjamin (9) “The Effect of Microplastics on Soybean Growth”

Chemistry –

  • Edmondson, Andrew (9) “The Effect of the Method of Coffee Brewing on the TDS of the Solution”
  • Licato, Anne (9) “The Effect of the Source of the Bromelain Enzyme from Pineapple on the Concentration of Bromelain”
  • Rozen, Stephen (10) & Lanier, Jake (10) “Neutralizing Organic Peroxides”
  • Trickey, Jane (9) “The Effect of the Temperature of Water on the Saturation Point of Epsom Salt”
  • Wernicke, Molly (10) “The Effect of Brand on Epsom Salt Solubility”

Engineering –

  • Bierman, Jonah (9) “The Effect of Common Building Materials on the Strength of a Wi-Fi Signal”
  • Colucia, Caroline (9) “The Effect of Machine Learning on Reducing the Chance of Taking the Wrong Medicine”
  • Rahman, Mahia (11) “Single-cell Analysis of Megakaryoblasts by Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Automated Image Processing with Object Recognition”
  • Sharma, Ambica (9) “The Effect of the Shape and Material of a Solar Panel on Thermal Energy Generated”
  • Dertke, Michael (10) & Bablu, Fardeen (10) “The Effect of Different Building Materials and Internet Frequencies on WiFi Strength”

Environmental & Earth Science –

  • Bolejack, Anna (9) “The Effect of the Topography of the Slope on the Magnitude of the Landslide”
  • Coderre, Elisabeth (9) “The Effect of Growth Stimulants on Duckweed Growth”
  • Cooper, Kaitlyn (9) “The Effect of Different Methods of Water Filtration on Turbid, Contaminated Water from a Variety of Different Sources”
  • Cummins, Henry (9) “Level of Contaminants in Arlington Public Schools’ Drinking Water”
  • Estevao, Rebecca (9) “The Effect of the Types of Detergent in Water on the Amount of Seeds that Germinate”
  • Felker, Kara (9) “The Effect of Type of Biodegradable Plastic on Amount of Biodegradation in a Given Amount of Time”
  • Goodell, Andrea (10) “The Effect of the Active Ingredient in Sunscreen on the Heart Rate of Daphnia”
  • Kant, Abby (9) “The Effect of Different Types of Neutralizers on the Growth of Radishes Over 21 Days”
  • Krajicek, Caroline (9) “The Effect of Rising Sea Surface Temperatures on the Intensity of Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico from 1996 – 2018”
  • Krohl, Brady (9) “The Effect of Acid Rain on Macroinvertebrate Populations”
  • Lomas, Juliana (9) “The Effect of Over-the-Counter Medications on the Heart Rate of Daphnia”
  • Moo, Lillian (9) “Effect of Different Rates of Aeration on Temperature of Compost”
  • Muldowney, Tessa (9) “The Effect of Eco-Friendly and Non-Eco-Friendly Car Soaps on the Height of Grass”
  • Odenwelder, Lily (10) “The Effect of the Concentration of Nitrogen in Fertilizer on the Average Length of Leaves and Number of Leaves per Plant”
  • Potts, Ellie (9) “The Effect of Different Types of Filtration of the TDS of Freshwater”
  • Ruiz, Estee (9) “The Effect of Natural Greywater Filtration Methods on the Survival Rate of Worms”
  • Sahm, Amelia (9) “The Effect of Socioeconomic Status’ of Arlington Zip Codes on Positive Lead Samples (400ppm) in Public Elementary Schools”

Math Theoretical & Modeling

  • Akhtar, Afrin (9) “What is the Simulated Effect of Time in Billions of Years on the Radioactive Decay Measured by Remaining Parent Isotopes in a Hypothetical Rare Isotope”

Medicine & Health

  • Cunningham, Charlotte (9) “The Effect of IDDSI Testing on Milk Fat Type of Commercial Kefir with Applications for Dysphagia Patients”
  • Donovan, Cooper (10) & Wilson, Kyle (10) “The Effect of Screen Time on Neck Range of Motion”
  • McAndrew, Rory (9) & Doherty, Gillian (10) “The Effect of an Activity Done Before Bed on the Quality and Quantity of Sleep”

Microbiology & Cell Biology –

  • Chahil, Natalia (9) “The Effect of Different Types of Water Treatments on the Concentration of E. coli”
  • Dick, Emily (10) & Taylor, Keira (10) “The Effect of the Source of Contaminated Water on Bacteria Content after Filtration using Plant Xylem”
  • Finger, Gaston (10) & Gent, Grace (10) “The Effect of the Type of Antibiotic on the Presence of Micrococcus”
  • Green, Elena (9) “The Effect of Essential Oils on the Shelf Life of Sucraid sacrosidase Medication”
  • Rynes, Katherine (9) “The Effect of Different Types of Minerals on Escherichia coli K-12 Growth”
  • Sellgren, Margot (9) “The Effect of Spices on Microbial Activity”
  • Stievater, Adam (10) “The Effect of Light on Biofilm Growth”
  • Thomas, Lauren (9) “The Effect of Antibacterial Teas on Staphylococcus epidermidis”

Physics and Astronomy

  • Bain, Angelica (9) “The Effect of App Color Scheme on LED Blue Light Irradiance”


  • Gutshall, Marlena (9) “The Effect of Age on the Ability to Remember Dream Details on a Scale of 1-5 over a 14 Day Period”
  • Nowalk, Laura (9) “The Effect of Gender on the Stroop Task”
  • Watson, Ivy (9) “The Effect of Drug Policy on Rates of First-time Entrants into Drug Treatment Programs”

Statistical Analysis and Inferences –

  • Haron, Rose (9) “The Effect of Carbon Monoxide Pollution on Rates of COPD”
  • Murphy, Amelia (10) “The Effect of Differences in Daily Media Coverage on the Sentiment Analysis of Information”


  • Ackleson, Thomas (10) “Oil Sorbents and Their Impact on Oil Collection and Dugesia tigrina Survivability”
  • Day, Madeleine (9) “The Effect of Water Temperature on the Hatching of Artemia Franciscana”
  • Portner, Benjamin (9) “The Effect of Ozone on the Health of Honeybee Hives in the US”
  • Watson, Lillian (11) “The Effect of Geomorphic Features”