22 Winners Selected at Annual VJAS


3rd Place: Isla Wearmouth – The Effect of Aquaponic Farming, in Comparison to Irrigation and Hydroponic Farming, on the Height of Lettuce Seeds

Honorable Mention: Emma Hemsch – The Effect of Water Stress on the Rate of Transpiration of Pisum sativum

Honorable Mention: Alba Edsall – The Effect of pH Level of Simulated Acid Rainwater on the Shoot Length of Soybeans

Chemistry – Section A

2nd Place: Arianna Hellman – The Effect of the Type of Sugar or Sugar Substitute on the Height of a Cupcake

Honorable Mention: Gabrielle Cordero – The Effect of Detergent Products Containing Sodium Percarbonate on Luminol Efficacy

Honorable Mention: Anna Freeman – The Effect of the Amount of Heavy Cream on the Density of Caramels

Chemistry – Section B

2nd Place: Simran Kulkarni – The Effect of Temperature on Blue Light Luminous Intensity

3rd Place: Noor Long – The Effect of the Location of the Soil on its pH

Engineering – Section B

1st Place: Solomon Galpern – The Effect of Blade Angle and Fan Speed on Energy Produced by a Wind Turbine Kit

2nd Place: Raphael Sanchez – The effect of Tuned Mass Dampers on Super-Slender Buildings affected by Vortex Shedding

Honorable Mention: Leonardo Fall – The Effect of Different 3-Dimensional Shapes on the Accuracy and Precision of an Ultrasonic Sensor

Environmental & Earth Science – Section A

2nd Place: Ana Sanchez-Armass – Differences in Water Quality in the Washington DC Area

Environmental & Earth Science – Section C

1st Place: Harriet Shapiro – The Effect of Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategy on Surface and Atmospheric Temperature

Honorable Mention: Grace Abbott – The Effect of Agricultural Runoff on Water Quality

Medicine & Health – Section A

Honorable Mention: Allison Grove and Kathryn Boerckel – The Effect of Correspondence Between Strains of Prevalent Influenza and Strains Included in the Vaccine on the Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine in 10 Flu Seasons from 2010-2020

Honorable Mention: Abigail Whiting – The Correlation Between Surface Temperature and Dengue Fever Incidence in Countries in the Americas

Medicine & Health – Section B

Honorable Mention: Jaya Shah – The Effect of Glucose Sensor on the Functioning of an Artificial Pancreas Model

Medicine & Health – Section C

Honorable Mention: Qiaojing Huang – The Effect of Similarity in Glycoproteins Between the Strains of Influenza Virus and Strains in the Vaccine on the Overall Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines

Microbiology & Cell Biology – Section A

2nd Place: Caroline Fern and Lucie Leblond – The Effect of Green Tea Concentration on the Amount of Oral Bacteria

Honorable Mention: Darya Wilson – The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Cleanliness of Common Surfaces