2019 National Punctuation Day Winners

Link to: PR Release

There were many excellent entries in this year’s contest. The judges had a hard time selecting one winner, so they decided to recognize 12 students from schools in five states.To remind you, contestants were asked, “What punctuation error annoys you the most?”

They were asked to find an online meme that illustrates the one punctuation error that sets them off, that makes them scream, that gets them into correction mode. They were asked to email that meme to National Punctation Day (NPD) Headquarters along with no more than 250 of their most clever, brilliant, dazzling words to make their case why this particular punctuation error not only drives them nuts, but also has occasionally transformed them into the punctuation police.

Several of this year’s winners are from Washington-Liberty HS.  Congratulations to the following seniors:

Eva Nichols,

Krystyna Piccorossi,

Maddie Sims,

Martha Hays,

Rose Pinkert.

Winners will receive the usual assortment of branded NPD gifts, including a commemorative pen, ruler, question mark-shaped stress toy, and bookmarks. Also, each will receive a copy of The Elements of Style, the Bible of writing style for more than 100 years.