Month: April 2018

Winter Guard Takes Gold Medal and as a Result Promoted to Next Classification

The Washington-Lee HS (Winter) Color Guard won the Gold Medal at the Atlantic Indoor Association Championships on April 7, 2018.  Their exemplary efforts allowed them to come in first out of 11 other Virginia teams in their classification – Scholastic Regional A1.  Consequently they will be promoted to the next class – Scholastic A3 for […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

What can be accomplished without a brain? Three graduate biology students at the California Institute of Technology published a study last month revealing that jellyfish can sleep, the first documented instance of an animal without a brain having the ability to fall asleep. Think of an activity you engage in regularly, and then leap into […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

Earlier this year, Ernest Hemingway’s first short story was discovered in Key West, Florida, spanning fourteen handwritten pages of a notebook. The untitled story, written when Hemingway was ten years old, is a fictional travelogue through Ireland and Scotland that includes both researched facts and imagined scenes and characters. Write a fictional travel story that […]