Month: February 2018

Weekly Writing Prompt

Of the nearly 70,000 passenger elevators in New York City, there are likely less than a hundred left that are holdovers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, manually run by full-time elevator operators. This week, write a scene for a short story that takes place in a manually operated elevator. Do the passengers […]

P.E. Students Participate in Class Olympics

Over the past two days, the P.E. classes participated in their own version of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The events included moguls, speed skating, biathlon, hockey, skeleton and curling, along with Olympic trivia. The top three teams from each period were awarded medals and bragging rights for the next four years! Follow along via Twitter […]

2nd Annual Arlington Student Screenwriters Contest Award Winners

2nd Annual Arlington Student Screenwriters Contest, hosted at HB Woodlawn, allowed five IB Film students to share their scripts. Two individuals a were award the following additional accolades: BEST Comedy: Thomas Bolles for “Lose Yourself to Dance” BEST Overall: Elearnor Holtzapple for “Mirrors” Lastly, applause for the additional screen writers who had the honor to […]

Students Show Strong Effort at National History Bowl

It’s Academic Scholastic Team participated in the National History Bowl last Saturday at Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) High School. It was a tough competition consisting with over 20 Northern Virginia schools competing. Washington – Lee advanced to the quarterfinals against T.J., Langley and St. Anselm’s. Team members: Clayton Krumm, Nicholas Palmer, Miles Hahn, Jaya Kambhampaty, Johnston […]

Weekly Writing Post

In her new photography series titled “Home,” Gohar Dashti explores the interiors of houses in her native Iran that have been abandoned and reclaimed by nature. The images create an ambiguous effect; an old bedroom overrun with wildflowers is lovely in one sense, but also hints at a darker history. What happened in these houses […]

Student Achieve National Etymology Exam Adwards

W-L Students are acknowledged for their achievement on the National Etymology Exam. This exam includes both Latin and Greek derivatives. National Etymology Exam: Advanced Level (Grades 11&12) Gold: Claire Baptiste, Julia Billera, Draken Garfinkel, Io Kovach, Vincent LaGrassa, Karuna Sinha Silver: Ryan Jones, Jaya Kambhampaty, Austin LaVigne Bronze: Benjamin McCracken, Roger Stanley   Intermediate Level (Grades […]

Weekly Writing Prompt

In preparation for cold winter months, red-toothed shrews are able to shrink their head and brain mass by 20 percent and then regrow it as the weather warms up in spring. With this survival strategy, they expend less energy when food resources are scarce. Does your energy level or your relationship to your body change […]