College Visits Schedule & Other Virtual Events


**This year, college visits will be held virtually at the district level. This means students from all Arlington high schools (Arlington Career Center, Arlington Community High School, Wakefield, Washington-Liberty, Yorktown, New Directions, Langston and H-B Woodlawn Program) can participate. Students are not required to attend any of the virtual college visits, it is voluntary. Due to the limited time available for our counselors to meet with students and families this year, we anticipate that APS staff will not be present in most of these meetings. Typically the college representative conducts the meeting, introducing the college, the admission process and then he or she will take student questions. Students may or may not wish to ask questions and can disable their cameras or mics if they prefer. These virtual college visits are for students only, if parents are present, we ask that you not engage the college representative, as the purpose of these opportunities is for students to interact with the representative.


WL Students can sign up for these visits in their Naviance accounts (other High Schools may have other ways to register).

List as of 10/9/2020

College Representative Date
The University of Alabama Elizabeth Dugas 10/13/20 3:15 PM
Washington University in St Louis Emma Adebayo 10/13/20 3:45 PM
Loyola Marymount University Brian Felix 10/13/20 7:30 PM
Rochester Institute of Technology Mariah McLane Giardino 10/14/20 3:15 PM
Bucknell University Candace Leake 10/14/20 3:45 PM
Binghamton University Mikayla Ridley 10/14/20 7:30 PM
St. John’s University Christine Perrault 10/15/20 3:15 PM
Georgetown University Caroline Sampson 10/15/20 3:45 PM
Dickinson College Rebecca Chernyha 10/19/20 8:30 AM
Pennsylvania College of Technology Patrick Butler 10/19/20 9:00 AM
Hollins University Ashley Browning 10/19/20 9:30 AM
Ohio Wesleyan University David Frohman 10/19/20 10:00 AM
Wesley College Nelson Davis 10/19/20 12:00 PM
Marymount Manhattan College Taswya Cambridge 10/19/20 12:30 PM
Eastern Mennonite University Cerrie Mendoza 10/19/20 1:00 PM
St Mary’s College of Maryland Jordan Cartwright 10/19/20 1:30 PM
Duke University Alecia Mahato 10/19/20 2:00 PM
Brown University Matthew Price 10/19/20 2:30 PM
University of South Carolina-Columbia William Stratton 10/20/20 3:15 PM
University of Kentucky Erica Shipley 10/20/20 3:45 PM
Randolph College Scott Cooper 10/20/20 7:30 PM
Virginia Commonwealth University Alexis Cosby 10/21/20 3:15 PM
Pomona College Joel Hart 10/21/20 3:45 PM
University of California-Davis Leticia Garay 10/21/20 7:30 PM
Richard Bland College of William and Mary Jessica Carver 10/22/20 3:15 PM
Northeastern University Kate Brown 10/22/20 3:45 PM
Tulane University of Louisiana Owen Knight 10/22/20 7:30 PM
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Ulysses deArmas 10/26/20 8:30 AM
Southern Methodist University Abbi Pfister-Soria 10/26/20 9:00 AM
University of Vermont Teasella Nguyen 10/26/20 9:30 AM
Mississippi State University Grant Nerren 10/26/20 10:00 AM
San Diego State University Adrianna Ramirez 10/26/20 12:00 PM
Cleveland Institute of Art Nicole Morino 10/26/20 12:30 PM
University of Mary Washington Olivia Lehman 10/26/20 1:00 PM
Haverford College Carly Valenzuela 10/26/20 1:30 PM
Temple University Hallie Lupinski 10/26/20 2:00 PM
Virginia State University Chanel Stafford 10/26/20 2:30 PM
University of Oregon Vicki Van Patten 10/27/20 3:15 PM
University of Lynchburg Jennifer Light 10/27/20 3:45 PM
Lehigh University Lyndee Feick 10/27/20 7:30 PM
Vanderbilt University Allison Key 10/28/20 3:15 PM
Landmark College Max McAuley 10/28/20 3:45 PM
University of Delaware Luis Portillo 10/28/20 7:30 PM
Rutgers University-New Brunswick Brenda Snyder 10/29/20 3:15 PM
University of California-Berkeley Jua Howard 10/29/20 3:45 PM
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Mario Cruz 10/29/20 7:30 PM
University of South Florida Melissa Sharrock 11/2/20 8:30 AM
Randolph-Macon College Eric Snader 11/2/20 9:00 AM
American University Michelle Stinson 11/2/20 9:30 AM
Brandeis University Carly Buckholz 11/2/20 10:00 AM
Kenyon College Anthony Dean 11/2/20 12:00 PM
Pace University-New York Jessica Drennan 11/2/20 12:30 PM
Goucher College Marvin Barahona 11/2/20 1:00 PM
Muhlenberg College Kenyamo McFarlane 11/2/20 1:30 PM
Syracuse University Jo Anne Phang 11/2/20 2:00 PM
Bridgewater College Victoria Hudson 11/2/20 2:30 PM
Saint Joseph’s University Sofia Fallas 11/3/20 3:15 PM
McDaniel College Kelsey Kirkman 11/3/20 3:45 PM
Moravian College Tim Wait 11/3/20 7:30 PM
West Virginia University Mandy Weaver 11/4/20 3:15 PM
U.S. Air Force Karthik Krishnan 11/4/20 3:45 PM
Clemson University Monica Rozman 11/4/20 7:30 PM
Washington College Kelly Valette 11/5/20 3:15 PM
Spelman College Latrina Fisher 11/5/20 3:45 PM
Wesleyan University Kate Applegate 11/5/20 7:30 PM

Other Virtual Events:

September Virtual College Fair- Coalition for College Access

Sept. 16, from 6-10 p.m. and Sept. 17, from 7-10 p.m. (Please note: the event time is Eastern.)

Click to Register

This virtual fair will be hosted via Zoom.


The Virginia Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Counselors (VACRAO) is proud to present our Virtual College Exploration program, for all Virginia students

September 14-November 5.

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*Arlington Public Schools does not sponsor, endorse, recommend or screen the individuals or companies whose offers are posted here. Families and students are reminded that they need to complete their own research on these individuals or companies to determine if they wish to engage in any of their opportunities or services.