Officers and Committee Chairs 2019-2020

W-L PTA Executive Committee 2019-20

President:  Tish Jenkins ( President-elect: April Everett (
1st Vice President: Ted Black ( 2nd Vice President: Deborah Wooldridge (
Treasurer: Marcy Burka Secretary: Jessica Deering

If you are interested in serving in one of the open 2019/20 positions listed below, please contact Tish Jenkins, W-L PTA President, at Or if you would like to serve on one of the committees, please contact the Chair directly.


ACI Representative Kyra Buchko
Band Boosters Liaison OPEN – TBD
CCPTA Representative Maureen La Piana
Capacity Utilization Chair Frances Allen
Class of 2019 Parent Listserv Coordinator Eaton LaVigne
Class of 2020 Parent Listserv Coordinator Lauren Hassel
Class of 2021 Parent Listserv Coordinator Ann Klofkorn-Bloome
Class of 2022 Parent Listserv Coordinator OPEN – TBD
Crew Boosters Liaison OPEN – TBD
Family Network Co-Chair Sarah Beaton
Family Network Co-Chair Nancy Benton
Formals For Five Co-Chair Elisa Rosman
Formals For Five Co-Chair Laura Haga
Freshman Breakfast (August) Co-Chair Janeth Valenzuela
Freshman Breakfast (August) Co-Chair Tammy Lamantia
Grants Chair Jill Flack
Grants Deputy Chair Karen Hancox
Gregg’s List Coordinator Jane Miller
Grocery Card Program Coordinator Laurie Mangum
Grounds Committee Chair OPEN – TBD
Hispanic Committee Representative Janeth Valenzuela
Hispanic Committee Representative Cynthia Cocuesta Cutier
Holiday Bazaar-Co-Chair Susan Nguyen
Holiday Bazaar-Vendor Liaison Amanda Gentry
Holiday Bazaar-Club Liaison Julie Wolinsky
Holiday Bazaar-Publicity Mary Ann Klimas
Holiday Bazaar – Vendor Layout  Manager Allison Kennett
Membership Forms Tracking Chair (Sep-Oct) OPEN – TBD
Middle School Liaison – Gunston Catherine Giacomo
Middle School Liaison – HB Kristen  Colston
Middle School Liaison – Jefferson Dora Sue Black
Middle School Liaison – Kenmore Jill Buzby
Middle School Liaison – Swanson Latonya McGowan
Nominating Committee Chair (spring) OPEN – TBD
Plant Sale Co-Chair Cristina Zarate-Byers
Plant Sale Co-Chair OPEN – TBD
PTA Listserve/Newsletter Editor Sandy Moore
PTA Online Directory Chair Denise Kappler
Reflections Co-Chair OPEN – TBD
Reflections Co-Chair OPEN – TBD
Reflections Co-Chair OPEN – TBD
Science Fair Co-Chair Cristina Zarate-Byers
Science Fair Co-Chair Janine Velasco
Senior Party Co-Chair OPEN – TBD
Senior Party Co-Chair OPEN – TBD
Senior Picnic Co-Chair Mary Smaragdis
Senior Picnic Co-Chair Allison Kennett
Staff Appreciation Co-Chair Deborah Wooldridge
Staff Appreciation Co-Chair (teachers) Trish Montgomery
Staff Welcome Lunch (August) Chair Mary Smaragdis
Staff Welcome Lunch OPEN – TBD
Student of the Semester Coordinator Deborah Wooldridge
Student of the Semester Coordinator Tammy LaMantia
Webmaster Eaton LaVigne
Volunteer Coordinator April Everett
Community Engagement Commitee OPEN – TBD