Supporting Your Child Through College Admissions

Students typically begin applying to college in fall of their senior year. Some special programs may have priority deadlines earlier than this, if so, students should see their counselor. Transcripts are generally set in early October but individual exceptions can be made if needed earlier.

College Search Resources Amidst COVID-19

senior year timeline and checklist coming soon


Additional College Planning Resources:

WLHS campus visit checklist (Eng & Span)

College Research Guide (English & Spanish)

Junior Year Checklist (ENG & SPAN)


Resources for Supporting your Child Through the College Application Process:

Common Application: Family Resources

College Board: Planning for College

College Essay Guy: 20 Ways Parents Can Support Children Applying to College


Underclassman Planning:

College Board 9th & 10th Grade planning

CollegeBoard 11th Grade Planning

Federal Student Aid Student & Parent Checklist: 9th Grade

Federal Student Aid Student & Parent Checklist: 10th Grade


Senior year, In general:

Early deadlines fall October 15th-December and regular decision deadlines are January – February during the senior year. Please be mindful that some colleges may have priority deadlines for special programs or scholarships that are earlier than the published regular decision date.

Early Action: students apply early and find out a result before they leave for winter break.

Early Decision: This is a binding agreement. Only apply ED if you are 110% sure it is the school you want to attend and can afford.

Applying to college:

  1. Through the individual college website
  2. The Common Application
    2. Click here for tutorials
    3. Common Application Requirement Grid
  3. The Coalition Application
    2. Click here for resources

Common Questions:

How does my student’s counselor know they are applying to college? Students fill out a transcript request form to give to their counselor a minimum 15 school days before the college deadline. One transcript request form per deadline. Please read carefully and fill out all the questions before giving it to your counselor. Students must also add all the college they are applying to to their Naviance accounts. Click here for an example on how to fill out the transcript request form.

Does it cost anything to send transcripts? There is no cost to send a transcript

Who sends official test scores from the ACT/SAT? The student

What documents do counselors send to colleges and how? Counselors can send any of the following through Naviance: Transcripts, Secondary school reports, Counselor letter of rec., or Teacher letters of rec. There are a few colleges that still require information to be sent snail mail. If this is your college, please bring in an envelope with the admissions address and 2 stamps.