Athletic Code of Conduct

The selection to an athletic team at Washington-Lee is an honor and a privilege.  Athletes assume the role of school representative at each athletic event and while in public.  We expect that athletes will behave in a manner that reflects positively on our programs and school.

Being accountable for one’s behavior is imperative for personal growth.  It is the intent of the athletic department to foster behaviors that ensure integrity, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and academic success.
Should this confidence be broken, an athlete is subject to disciplinary action for the following violations of conduct codes:

  • Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct such as lying, cheating, fighting, or verbal abuse of opponents, officials, coaches or spectators.
  • Providing false information on official documents for athletic eligibility.
  • Theft or vandalism of personal property or school property
  • Excessive lateness or tardiness to class
  • Taking part or instigating disruptive activities to the instructional program
  • In school or out of school suspension
  • Participating in hazing activities or violence toward any person
  • Substance abuse violations such as use of alcohol or tobacco, or any controlled substance.

Any of these violations can result in disciplinary action by the team coach and/or athletic department administrator. Actions include exclusion from games or portions of games, and/or practice, team suspension, exclusion from a current team or all future athletic teams.  The length of each action may be two weeks or at least one competition or as serious as exclusion from the team for up to a year.  These violations require a conference with the Director of Student Activities prior to reinstatement to the program.