2020 – 2021 Club / Society List

A Cappella Club T. Severin Theresa.Severin@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 1404
Action Team Club K. Hall Kevin.Hall@apsva.us Second Thursday 3:10 2224
Advanced Strategy Club N. Kelley Nora.Kelley@apsva.us Monday and Friday 3:10 3208
Aid for Incarceration 1st Tuesday 3:10 2215
ALS Awareness Every other Monday 3:10 2215
American Civil Liberties Union S. Brown Steven.Brown@apsva.us
American Sign Language (ASL) Club / Honor Society M. Letts Michelle.Letts@apsva.us 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month 3:15-4:15pm Virtual link: Click here Classroom: 3225
Animal Welfare & Action Club J. Shapiro Josh.Shapiro@apsva.us 1st & 3rd Monday 3:10 OC-3
Analyzing Literature Club P. Krauth Philip.Krauth@apsva.us Every other Tuesday 3:10 2227
Applied Sociology Club R. Summers Robert.Summers@apsva.us
Arabic Honor Society Z. Kufaishi Zainab.Kufaishi@apsva.us
Arlington Sister Cities Club J. McCarthy Jeffrey.McCarthy@apsva.us Two Wednesday per month 3011
Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE) G.Hall Gareath.Hall@apsva.us
Art Club H. Isobe Hiromi.Isobe@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 1123
Asante Mariamu Club E. Burgos / A. Cordero Elizabeth.Burgos@apsva.us Andrea.Cordero@apsva.us Every other Tuesdays 3:10pm Starting 10/13/20 3:10pm-4:00pm Virtual Meeting Link
Asian Student Union M. Clendenning Mary.Clendenning@apsva.us Wed 3:10 Virtual Meeting Link
Astrology Club S. Becker Sarah.Becker@apsva.us
Athletes for Action K.Petty Kyle.Petty@apsva.us
Baking Interest Club E. Robbins Emily.Robbins2@apsva.us Thursday 3:30 3008
Beach Volleyball Club K. Petty Kyle.Petty@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 Coach Pettys Classroom
Best Buddies D. Germosen / E. Andrusko Debbie.Germosen@apsva.us Emily.Andrusko@apsva.us Per Announcement 3:10 Little Theater
Bike Club J. Brodowski / G .Butler Jason. Brodowski@apsva.us Greg.Butler@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 4021
Black Lives Matter K. Phillips Kevin.Phillips@apsva.us Monday 3:10 2212
Black Student Union J. Sample James.Sample@apsva.us Wednesday 3:30 Little Theater / 1317
Blogging Club B. Black Beth.Black@apsva.us Monday 3:10 1011
Board Game Club K. Hedderly Katherine.Hedderly@apsva.us 2nd & 4th Tuesday 3:10 3020
Botanical Service Club N. Kelley Nora.Kelley@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 3208
Broadcast A. Nelson Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Monday – Friday Class 1028
Card Magic Club J. Lloyd Jacob.Lloyd@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 2213
Cancer Education and Action Club K. Phillips Kevin.Phillips@apsva.us 1st Thursday 3:10 2212
Census 2020 Outreach D. McCoart Dawn.McCoart@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 4004
Change for Climate W. Gillus Warren.Gillus@apsva.us Wednesday 3:10 4017
Chess Club D. Peters David.Peters@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 OC-4
Chinese Club J. Luu Janet.Luu@apsva.us Wednesday 3:10 2008
Classics Club (Latin Club) N. Kelley Nora.Kelley@apsva.us Per Announcement 3208
Cooking Club L. Bohn J. Barrett Lea.Bohn@apsva.us Jackie.Barrett@apsva.us 3rd Thursday 3:10 4021
Crafts for Critters K. Hedderly Katherine.Hedderly@apsva.us
Creative Writing D. Issa Danny.Issa2@apsva.us
Do More Club L. Bohn Lea.Bohn@apsva.us Friday 3:10 4030
Do Something K. Reed Katrina.Reed@apsva.us TBD 3:10 OC1
DECA K. Gibson Karen.Gibson@apsva.us Tuesday “L-Day” 3:10 4209
Debate: Public Forum Monday 3:30 Main Office Conf. Room
Debate Team: Lincoln-Douglas E.Primmer Emily.Primmer@apsva.us Mon. & Thurs 3:10 Library
Discussion Club C. Steury Christina.Steury@apsva.us
Distributing Dignity E. Robbins Emily.Robbins2@apsva.us Monday 3:10 3008
ESports M. Carey Miles.Carey@apsva.us 3rd Thursday 3:10 4209
Ethics Behind Science Club K. Hedderly Katherine.Hedderly@apsva.us Every other Wed. 3:10 3020
Environmental Club A.Gladden Austin.Gladden@apsva.us
Entrepreneurs Club J. McCarthy Jeffrey.McCarthy@apsva.us
Equity and Excellence (EE) Club J. Sample James.Sample@apsva.us Every other Wednesday 3:10 1317
Everybody Plays D. Moses Daniel.Moses@apsva.us
Every Vote Counts K. Phillips Kevin.Phillips@apsva.us
FCCLA E. Roszkowski Emily.Roszkowski@apsva.us 1st & 3rd Thursday 3:10 1318
Figure Skating Club K. Barnes Kimberly.Barnes@apsva.us Monday 4:00
Flag Football B. Black Beth.Black@apsva.us 2nd Monday 3:10 1011
Food Review Club N. Kelley Nora.Kelley@apsva.us Every other Thursday 3:10 3208
French Club A. Akkache Ali.Akkache@apsva.us
Freshman Class  J. Bruesewitz Jennifer.Bruesewitz@apsva.us
Friends of Mongolia Club N. Lord Nitza.Lord@apsva.us First Tuesday 3:10 2209
Generals All About Books (GAAB) P. Roney / M. Schryver Paula.Roney@apsva.us Meg.Schryver@apsva.us 3rd Monday 3:10 Library
Generals Against Gun Violence (GAGV) C. Steury Christina.Steury@apsva.us Monday (W-days) 3:10 3224
Generals Against Hunger Club (AFAC) Thursday (L-days) 3:10 4201
Generals Brigade E. Rodger Evan.Rodger@apsva.us Per Announcement
Generals Radio A. Nelson Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Every other Monday 3:10 Pub Lab
Generations Art Club B. Black Beth.Black@apsva.us Friday 3:10 1101
Generation Ratify -ERA B.Bennett Bethany.Bennett@apsva.us Monday 3:10
Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) S. Carr Susan.Carr@apsva.us Thursday (W-days)Tues 3:10 4022
Girl’s In Filmmaking (GIF) R. Reyes Rosa.Reyes@apsva.us Alternating Mondays 10.19.2020 3:15-4pm Virtually see Teams link
Girl Up K. Phillips Kevin.Phillips@apsva.us Monday 3:10 2212
Girls, Inc. N. Lord Nitza.Lord@apsva.us Every other Monday 3:01 2012
Girls Who Code P. Bui Paul.Bui@apsva.us
Global Health Club S. Fiorini L.Bohn Sara.Fiorini@apsva.us Lea.Bohn @apsva.us
Habesha Pride J. Lloyd Jacob.Lloyd@apsva.us Monday 3:10 2213
History Bowl Team J. Rockwood Joel.Rockwood@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 3021
Hoops for Cancer K. Reed Katrina.Reed@apsva.us TBD 3:10 OC1
Hope Club S. Becker Sarah.Becker@apsva.us Monday 3:10 OC 2
Hip Hop Heads D. Moses Daniel.Moses@apsva.us Every other Tues. 3:10 3010
Interact Club C. Steury Christina.Steury@apsva.us W Day Thursday 3:10 3224
International Club C. Meyers Corey.Meyers@apsva.us Monday 3:10 1401
It’s Academic L. Sotomayor / J. Scher Lourdes.Sotomayor@apsva.us Jennifer.Scher@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 4002
Invest in your Future Club N. Lord Nitza.Lord@apsva.us First Tuesday 3:10 2209
Junior Class K. Reed Katrina.Reed@apsva.us TBD
Key Club  J. Kelly Jennifer.Kelly@apsva.us Every other Tues. 3:10 2002
Kindness Klub S. Fiorini Sara.Fiorini@apsva.us Every other Tuesday 3:10 1014
Kinesiology and Nutrition Club B. Black Beth.Black@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 1011
Koreagraphy J. Dean Jen.Dean@apsva.us Tuesdays 3:10 3018
Latin American Student Assn. (LASA) B. Garcia / J. Carrasquillo Jimmy.Carrasquillo@apsva.us 2nd and 4th Wednesday 3:10 1011
League of Women Votes of W-L K. Phillips Kevin.Phillips@apsva.us First Thursday 3:10 2212
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society K. Hedderly Katherine.Hedderly@apsva.us Every other Wednesday (2nd & 4th) 3:10-4:00pm 3020
Literary Magazine A. Nelson Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Thursday GP 1028
Little Sunshine Club J. Luu Janet.Luu@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 2008
LVYRSLF (Love Yourself) A.Gladden Austin.Gladden@apsva.us Every other Tues. 3:10 Counseling Office Conf. Rm.
Makerspace Club G. Hall Gareth.Hall@apsva.us Monday 3:15 2224
Men of Respect (MOR) S. Fiorini K. Petty Sara.Fiorini@apsva.us Kyle.Petty@apsva.us TBD 3:10 1014
Middle East Peace Project S. Al-Hanooti Shayma.Alhanooti@apsva.us Thursday 3:15 2215
Military Liaison Program E. Rodger Evan.Rodger@apsva.us As needed 3:10 Commons
Minds Matter H. Baptista Heidi.Baptista@apsva.us
Mine Craft Club Wednesday 3:10 4209
MLB Enthusiasts Club J. Lloyd Jacob.Lloyd@apsva.us
Model General Assembly B. Bennett bethany.bennett.apsva.us Tuesday (Twice) 3:10 2211
Model United Nation E. Bruns Erin.Bruns@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 1117
Music Mends D. Lunt David.Lunt@apsva.us Per Announcement 3:10 1401
Muslim Student Association S. Al-Hanooti Shayma.alhanooti@apsva.us Monday 3:10 2215
Mysteries of History J. Rockwood Joel.Rockwood@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 3021
Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society S.Carr Susan.Carr@apsva.us Thursday (W-days)TBD 3:10 4022
National Honor Society B. Bennett Bethany.Bennett@apsva.us 2nd Monday 3:10 Little Theater
Native American Outreach Club R. Greene Richard.Greene@apsva.us Every other Wednesday 3:10 2001
Netflix and Spill J. Lloyd Jacob.Lloyd@apsva.us Wednesday 3:10 2213
Net Games Club C. Larsen Cecelia.Larsen@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 Outdoors
Newspaper A. Nelson Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Monday – Friday Class 1028
Operation Smile Club L. Sotomayor Lourdes.Sotomayor@apsva.us TBD 3:10 4002
Outdoor Club  A. Nelson / R. Summer Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Robert.Summers@apsva.us Every Other Tuesday 3:10 3015
PAWS Club K. Reed katrina.jax@apsva.us
Paws For a Purpose S. Spicer Sarah.Spicer@apsva.us
Peace Jam A. Wilson Adje.Bahun@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 3205
Penman A. Nelson Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Monday – Friday Class 1028
Performing Arts Club R. Greene Richard.Greene@apsva.us Every other Monday 3:10 2001
Philosophical Debate Club R. Summers Robert.Summers@apsva.us Every other Thursday 3:10 3015
Photo Club E. Bruns Erin.Bruns@apsva.us Not active at this time. Looking for a student who is interested in leading the club. 3:10 1117
Physics Club  C.Anton Claire.Anton@apsva.us Monday C Lunch 3005
Random Acts of Kindness Club A.Ott Alexandra.Ott@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 2232
Red Cross Club K. Philips Kevin.Phillips@apsva.us TBD 3:10 2212
Reduce Food Waste Program K. Hedderly Katherine.Hedderly@apsva.us 1st Wednesday 3:10 3020
Rising Stars E. Davis Ethan.Davis@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 2105
Robotics Club G. Pereira Gerson.Pereira@apsva.us Monday 3:10 3002
Romanian Children’s Relief- Fundatia Inocenti V. Irving Vica.Irving@apsva.us Monday 3:10 2003
Sailing Interest Club E. Shooltz elizabeth.shooltz@apsva.us 3rd Thursday 3:10 3203
Self Defense Club Tuesday 3:15 Gym/Wrestling Room
Senior Class K. Johnston Kristen.Johnston@apsva.us
Serving Society Club D. Grove Doug.Grove@apsva.us 2nd Thursday 3:10 3012
Sewing Club K. Hedderly Katherine.Hedderly@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 3020
She’s the First B. Bennett Bethany.Bennett@apsva.us Tuesday 3:10 3007
Singing Club S. Baird Sandra.Baird@apsva.us
Sisters on Purpose H. Mizell Heather.Mizell@apsva.us 2nd & 4th Thursday 3:10 Little Theater
Social Debate E. Robbins emily.robbins2@apsva.us
Sophomore Class E. Jackson Elise.Jackson@apsva.us
Speech S.Al-Hanooti Shayma.Alhanooti@apsva.us
Sports Analytics B. Wright Brandon.Wright@apsva.us
Sports Business S. Fiorini T. Shivers Sara.Fiorini@apsva.us Timica.Shivers@apsva.us
Sports Medicine M. Harrington Michael.Harrington@apsva.us 1st Wednesday 6:30 PM Training Room
Stock Market Simulation Club R.Byrnes Robert.Byrnes@apsva.us
(STO) Student Teaching /Tutoring Organization T. Shivers Timica.Shivers@apsva.us
Student Ambassadors Club Z. Kapadia Zarin.Kapadia@apsva.us Every other Wednesday GP 1231
Student Council Association (SCA) T. Shivers Timica.Shivers@apsva.us Wednesday GP 4013
Students forSmall Businesses J. LLyod Jacob. Llyod@apsva.us
Students for Racial Equity S. Al-Hanooti shayma.alhanooti@apsva.us Monday 3:10
Student Voters Club A. Cordero Andrea.Cordero@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 3206
Super Smash Bros. Club M. Carey Miles.Carey@apsva.us Wednesday 3:10 2210
Table Tennis Association C. Cook Christopher.Cook2@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 3223
TDC Club (Trade & Donate) E. Robbins Emily.Robbins2@apsva.us Wednesday 3:10 3008
Ultimate Frisbee E. Jackson Elise.Jackson@apsva.us Monday & Wednesday 3-5PM Quincy Field
Vegetarian Alliance K. Johnston Kristen.Johnston@apsva.us Every other Monday 3:15 4037
Victory Garden S. Baird Sandra.Baird@apsva.us
Virtual Fitness Club B. Bennett Bethany.Bennett@apsva.us
Volleyball Club K.Petty Kyle.Petty@apsva.us
Yearbook A. Nelson Abrianna.Nelson@apsva.us Monday – Friday Class Publications
Yoga Club E. Bruns Erin.Bruns@apsva.us Every other Tuesday Our next meeting is 3/2 3:15 – 4:00 pm Microsoft Teams
Young Democrats C. Steury Christina.Steury@apsva.us L-Day Thursday 3:10 3224
Young Republican Club 3rd Thursday 3:10 2208
Youth Activist Interest Club D. Moses Daniel.Moses@apsva.us Thursday 3:10 3010
Youth Direct Action Club Every other Monday 3:10 2215
W-L Concussion/Head Injury Prevention Awareness Club S. Spicer Sarah.Spicer@apsva.us TBD 3:10 TBD
W-L Fly Fishing Interest Club J. Brodowski Jason.Brodowski@apsva.us Monday 3:10 4021
W-L Filmmaker Society / VHSL Film R. Reyes Rosa.Reyes@apsva.us Every other Monday 10.26.2020 3:15-4pm Virtually see Teams link
W-L Jewish Cultural Club S. Becker Sarah.Becker@apsva.us 1st Thursday 3:10 OC-4
W-L Students Who Love Hockey M. Schryver Meg.Schryver@apsva.us 2nd Tuesday 3:10 TBD
W-L Unicef Club N. Lord Nitza.Lord@apsva.us First Tuesday 3:10 2209