Social Studies Department

Welcome to the Washington-Liberty Social Studies Department!

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McCarthy, Jeffrey , Chair, IB History of the Americas, IB Economics, African American Studies

Brown, Steven, Economics & Personal Finance, IB World Topics

Byrnes, Robert – Ancient World History, Economics and Personal Finance, IB Psychology

Claassen, Kathleen, AP U.S. History, IB Economics

Dean, Jen, Modern World History, IB World Topics

Healy, Kevin, U.S. Government, U.S. History

Hicks, Brian, African American Studies, Modern World History

Hills, Jarrod, AP U.S. Government

Kelly, Jennifer, AP World History, Modern World History

Kiziroglou, Robbie, AP World History, Modern World History

Lord, Nitza, Modern World History, U.S. Government

Mercy, Donald, U.S. Government, Sociology, Economics & Personal Finance

Moses, Daniel, IB Social Cultural Anthropology

Norton, Jeana, Instructional Lead Teacher, Modern World History, Economics & Personal Finance

Phillips, Kevin, AP Psychology, AP Government

Robbins, Emily , US/VA History, US/VA Government

Rockwood, Joel, Ancient World History, AP European History

Steury, Christina, Ancient History, AP World History

Summers, Robert , IB Social Anthropology, IB Philosophy

Thomas, Jim , Psychology, Ancient History

Turgeon-Williams, Nicole, IB Psychology, AP Psychology, AP U.S. Government