Social Studies Department

Welcome to the Washington-Liberty Social Studies Department!

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McCarthy, Jeffrey (Dept. Chair) – IB History of the Americas, IB Economics, African American Studies

Bongo, Keri, – USVA, AP U.S. History

Brown, Steven, Economics & Personal Finance, IB World Topics

Byrnes, Robert – Ancient World History, Economics and Personal Finance, IB Psychology

Claassen, Kathleen, – AP U.S. History, IB Economics

Dean, Jen, – Modern World History, IB World Topics

Healy, Kevin, – U.S. Government, U.S. History

Hicks, Brian, – African American Studies, Modern World History

Hills, Jarrod, – AP U.S. Government

Kelly, Jennifer, – AP World History, Modern World History

Lord, Nitza, – Modern World History, U.S. Government

Mercy, Donald, – U.S. Government, Sociology, Economics & Personal Finance

Moses, Daniel, – IB Social Cultural Anthropology

Norton, Jeana, – Instructional Lead Teacher, Modern World History, Economics & Personal Finance

Phillips, Kevin, – AP Psychology, AP Government

Rockwood, Joel, – Ancient World History, AP European History

Steury, Christina, – Ancient History, AP World History

Summers, Robert , – IB Social Anthropology, IB Philosophy

Thomas, Jim , – Psychology, Ancient History

Turgeon-Williams, Nicole, – IB Psychology, AP Psychology, AP U.S. Government