Physical Education & Health Guidelines and Syllabus

                           Washington-Liberty High School Health & Physical Education Department 

                                                            Physical Education Guidelines


  1. All students are required to pass two years of health & physical education.  Health/PE I consists of two quarters of health and two quarters of physical education.  Health/PE II consists of three quarters of physical education and one quarter of health.
  1. Elective physical education classes are offered on a semester basis. Students are required to pass Health/PE I & H/PE II before they enroll in these classes.
  1. Adapted physical education is offered for students with special needs.


  1. Appropriate dress is required for physical education class. Appropriate dress includes athletic shorts, tee-shirt, socks and gym shoes.  Tee shirts and shorts can be purchased from the physical education     department.  Students are also allowed to wear sweat pants and/or sweat shirts.
  1. Cost of W-L athletic clothes:

$5.00 for shorts                       $5.00 for shirts                   $7.00 for PE lock

  1. Do not put money for clothing in the first day packet. This money should be given to the physical education teacher.  Checks should be made out to Washington-Liberty High School and include the student’s name on the check.  Cash and money orders are also accepted.

Locks & Locker Room

  1. Students must purchase a Washington-Liberty PE issued combination lock for use in the locker room.  Other locks will be cut from lockers immediately.  Students with a Washington-Liberty PE lock from the previous school year may use the same lock again.
  1. Each student will be issued a personal locker for storage. We encourage students not to share lockers or combinations to help protect from theft.

Lost & Found

  1. Lost or misplaced items are stored in the physical education area or in the main office.
  1. You are responsible for your personal property. Lock all belongings; do not leave things sitting out in the gym or locker room.  

Final Exams

The PE department follows the guidelines of the faculty handbook regarding final exams.  At the teacher’s discretion, students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a course may be eligible for exemption from the final examination in that course.  To qualify for consideration, the student must earn an A in a minimum of three quarters, no quarter grades below a B, and have no outstanding obligations.  Seniors participating in Senior Experience will also be exempt.   


                                                               Physical Education Syllabus 

Class Objectives

Students will develop an appreciation towards participation in physical activities for a lifetime of fitness.  Students will demonstrate the proper form and technique of skills used in the various lifetime activities.  Students will be expected to gain knowledge in the following areas: scoring, positions, strategy, and safety procedures used in each activity that is taught.  Assessment will be conducted through skills tests, written tests and/or game situations or tournament play.

Class Rules

  1. Be respectful of others and school property.
  2. Treat others better than you would like to be treated.
  3. Do your best.

Absences and Make-ups

Each student is responsible for making up any missed class work due to an excused absence.  Students are allowed one excused absence per quarter without making up work.  After the first excused absence, the student will be required to make up the classwork with their teacher or they will not receive credit for the class missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule an assignment with their teacher within three class periods unless previously arranged with their teacher.  According to APS School Board Policy Implementation Procedures 25-1.1 Attendance, “students forfeit daily class grades for all unexcused absences.” Students entering class after warm-ups have begun will be marked tardy and will lose credit for warm-up activity already in progress.


Each student is expected to wear the appropriate physical education attire and participate each day.  Students can purchase a uniform from their teacher at any point during the school year.

Medical Excuses

A written excuse from a parent/guardian is required if a student is unable to participate in class due to medical reasons.  Students will still be expected to dress out and the activity will be adapted to accommodate the student.  After three days, a doctor’s note will be required for exemption.


Students’ grades reflect student achievement and not student behavior.  Students will be graded daily using a 30-point rubric:

*5 Points will be given for participation during the warm-up activity.

*5 Points will be given for participation during the core exercise activity.

*10 Points will be given for participation during the cardio activity.

*10 Points will be given for participation during the unit activity.

Students will take a quiz at the end of each unit which will count as one additional daily grade for the unit (30 points).  Teachers will provide a study guide prior to the quiz date.   Students will be asked to sign an honor pledge for each major assignment turned in.  By signing the pledge, students will acknowledge their understanding of the honor policy and that they have not violated that policy in any way.  “On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received information on this assignment.” 

Contact Information

Phone: 703-228-6229 (male PE office) / 703-228-6230 (female PE office)

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