W-L Traditions

W-L adopted a number of W&L University traditions, such as the honor code, the generals mascot, the nickname (pronounced “WnL”), and the school seal. The new Washington-Liberty school seal is inspired by the original design. The W-L letterform logos continue to be used for the school’s letter jackets, other school sponsored attire, and in print material. Students and teachers participated in the adoption of the updated school colors and logos in 2019. The school’s pep songs are usually accompanied by the band during the home football games. The alma mater is played at graduation.

Original W-L logo with white border Old WL Logo New WL Logo
Washington-Lee Logo as photographed (used for letter jackets, print, and other media, 1930s-2019) Blue and Gray Washington-Lee Logo (1930s-2019) Blue and White Washington-Liberty Logo (updated with new colors and currently used for letter jackets and various media)


New W-L Logo - Outline WL updated logo with L border W-L 1990s Generals logo
Washington-Liberty Logo (variation with blue outline) Washington-Liberty Logo (variation with blue outline and “L” Border) Washington-Liberty Generals Logo (Originally designed in the 1970s by Industrial Arts teacher Doug Harding, it has been used for print, stickers, banners, apparel, floor medallions, and the current Campbell Gym basketball court.)


W-L Tangled Logo Blue White W-L Tangled Logo White Outline W-L Tangled Logo blue outline
Washington-Liberty Tangled Logo (Used during W-L’s first quarter century, this design is streamlined and the gray “L” is now white.) Washington-Liberty Tangled Logo (variation with white border) Washington-Liberty Tangled Logo (variation with blue border)


W-L Generals Football logo W-L Hybrid Logo Blue Border W-L Hybrid Logo blue White
Washington-Liberty Logo (Developed in the 00s as an update of the earlier logos, it is used on the athletic field, apparel, and for various print media.) Washington-Liberty Hybrid Logo (a streamlined hybrid of the past and current logos) Washington-Liberty Hybrid Logo (blue and white letters)


Washington-Lee High School seal WL seal current wl school crest new
Washington-Lee School Seal (1925-2019) Washington-Liberty Seal (designed by student Tess Cooley in 2019) Washington-Liberty Crest


Colors (1925-2019) Blue and Gray
Colors Blue and White
Mascot Generals


Alma Mater (written in 1950) Hymn to Washington-Lee
With faith in thee eternally We hail the Blue and Gray. For thy proud walls and hallowed halls We honor thee today.(chorus) Washington-Lee, Washington-Lee, Humbly for thee do we pray. Oh may thy guiding hand Be ever our command; Show us thy truth and thy way.As time now moves each hour proves How strong our bond has grown. And through each year we hold so dear The memories we own.(chorus) Washington-Lee, Washington-Lee, Humbly for thee do we pray. Oh may thy guiding hand Be ever our command; Show us thy truth and thy way. Ever we our voices raise To the Blue and Gray. In our hearts a song of praise To cheer you on the way. Ever shall our anthem swell For the Blue and Gray. Ever in our hearts will dwell A faith we’ll never betray. Hail the name you proudly bear, Washington and Lee. Humbly now we raise our pray’r, Now ’til Eternity. Honor on thy name bestow, Washington and Lee. In our hearts with radiant glow Shall live our loyalty.


W-L Pep Songs

WL Pep Songs
W-L’s pep songs typically are played during pep rallies and at fall football games.
W-L Will Shine Tonight (written in ’56) Enthusiasm Generals Born
W-L willshine tonight, W-L will shine, W-L will shine tonight All down the line. We’re all dressed up tonight. That’s one good sign When the moon comes up And the sun goes down, W-L will shine. We’ve got that W-L enthusiasm Down in our hearts, Down in our hearts, Down in our hearts. We’ve got that W-L enthusiasm Down in our hearts, Down in our hearts to stay. We’re Generals born And Generals bred, And when we died, We’ll be Generals dead. So, rah, rah for Generals, Generals. Rah, rah for Generals, Generals. Rah, rah for Generals rah, rah, rah.