Mission and Vision

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Washington – Liberty

High School


Washington-Liberty High School prepares and supports all learners to strive for the best, to become lifelong learners, and to become successful, active members of the global community.


At Washington-Liberty High School we believe we can achieve our best when working together in a caring, stimulating, and safe environment. We value the development of the whole child as well as the development of our educators. We strive to provide learners and teachers opportunities to explore their interests, broaden their horizons, and develop their talents and creativity.

We take pride in our work and celebrate our accomplishments.

We encourage the involvement of families and the community and actively work to maintain these connections.

We respect, value, and celebrate diverse traditions, beliefs, languages and cultures of our students, teachers, and staff. Washington – Liberty High School will always pioneer excellence and equity in all of us, and for all of us.

Reviewed & Revised by: W-L Instructional Leadership Team (2019)